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The Impact Of Drones On Business Security

Impact Of Drones

Drones seem to be everywhere nowadays, from delivering packages to a toy for kids and adults.

Businesses are beginning to take a closer look at drones. From added security to potential security problem, it’s important for businesses to consider the security impact.

While drones are highly useful, businesses should fully understand the pros and cons of using drones and the drones surrounding them.

Offer A Safer Look At A Situation

Some situations simply aren’t safe for employees or security guards. The best way to get a safer look is to employ a drone with a high-quality camera. For instance, should an armed suspect try to gain entry, a drone could keep an eye on them until police arrived.

If the drone gets shot or damaged, it’s easily replaced. The same can’t be said of your employees or security guards.


Give Security Personnel A Wider View

Security guards and security cameras can’t see everywhere all the time. This is where drones have a positive impact on business security. It’s actually not uncommon for businesses and buildings to use drones as an extra layer of security. In fact, they can easily be used to monitor the perimeter of a business, parking lots and even rooftops.

Security guards are able to patrol specific areas while still keeping an eye on video from programmed drones. Think of it as a security camera that just happens to be mobile and cover a much larger area.

Now, your business doesn’t have to have any blindspots. Use drones to check out hard to see areas and use security guards to handle the rest.

Works As An Extra Guard

Even the Secret Service is starting to use drones as a security measure. They’re using tethered drones to provide a wider area of surveillance to keep the President safer.

The same can be done with your business. Instead of needed quite as many on-site guards, you can hire a guard to man one or more drones and monitor security footage. You’ll still need at least one or two guards to actually patrol and handle any security incidents.

However, drones become an extra set of eyes that you can program to go anywhere around your business. Think of it as the most flexible security guard possible.


Keep Cybersecurity In Mind

While drones are beneficial to business security, you should consider the potential cybersecurity risks. Drones are connected to the Internet to transmit video back to you. Anything connected online is a security risk if not properly secured.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider drones. However, make certain you’re taking precautions to secure your network and your drones. The stronger your digital security, the less likely your drone is to be hacked and used against you.

Monitor Drone Usage

Finally, keep track of all drone usage and that doesn’t just mean your own. First off, if you’re using drones outdoors, you should check all local and federal regulations regarding drone usage. The FAA offers details on rules and regulations. Know Before You Fly also offers tips and advice.

With over 670,000 drones registered with the FAA as of January 2017, it’s a good idea to monitor whether the drones flying around your business are yours or not. Security guards are able to keep an eye on any suspicious drone activity. For instance, a personal drone could be used to fly near your business to attempt to hack an unprotected network.

Drones are an incredible security tool, but there are also risks. Take precautions to protect yourself and then enjoy the additional security that drones provide to your business.

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