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A Look at The Latest Trends in Security Technology

A Look at The Latest Trends in Security Technology

Criminals seem to be getting smarter. Or maybe they just have more tools at their disposal. Whichever the case, security companies and business owners must stay ahead of them to protect their property and the people who work, live and visit. Here’s a look at some of the latest trends in security technology.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

On-site officers are the backbone of security, but there are so many options to augment their services or give them the tools to perform their duties better. For example, artificial intelligence (AI) is continually improving. In applications such as access control, AI’s ability to “learn” can increase the accuracy of facial recognition, for example, making easier to detect intruders who attempt to gain access with a stolen or counterfeit badge. Combined with remote monitoring and front desk guards, AI-enabled access control can thwart even the most determined criminals.

Drone Technology

Drones are a two-way street. They are useful for security but also present a security risk. If you have a very large or difficult-to-access property, drones can be a valuable asset. Drones can investigate a possible intrusion without risking the life or safety of an employee or security officer. Drones are an effective means of augmenting your security plan. The downside is that you must also protect yourself against drones being used to intrude on your property.

VirtuGuard™ Remote Security

Network-enabled cameras combined with remote security monitoring services continue to grow as a means to augment or replace on-site guards. Protect your property while controlling costs. Security professionals monitor cameras from a central location 24/7/365 at a fraction of the cost of deploying security guards on-site. Remote guards can often see what security guards can’t possibly cover, such as hazardous or remote areas or blind spots.

Rely on BOS Security

BOS Security keeps up with the latest innovations in security technology, so you don’t have to. The experts at BOS Security can conduct a security assessment to give you an indication of what you currently have covered and identify any gaps that must be closed. From armed and unarmed guards to VirtuGuard™ remote security monitoring services and the latest surveillance equipment, BOS Security offers expert advice and service. Contact us or call 404-793-6965 today.


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