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How To Access Available Resources

Access Available Resources

Sometimes you might feel like you’re all alone when trying to manage business risks, but the truth is, you have numerous resources available.

All you have to do is learn what those resources are and how to access them. From local contacts to employees, you’re not alone.

Running a business comes with risks, but you can better manage those risks by being fully prepared for anything that happens.

Determine Your Available Resources

The first step is to review your potential risks and then determine any available resources that could aid in those scenarios. For instance, if theft is a major risk, an available resource might be a high-quality surveillance camera or security guards.

For natural disasters, you should have a contact list ready of emergency services, along with businesses that would help you repair any damages. The idea is to create a list of all your available resources based on individual risks. You’ll quickly discover that many resources overlap. No matter the risk, there are numerous resources available.

External Resources

Sometimes businesses overlook external resources. For instance, there may be local programs in place to help businesses recover from disasters. Federal laws may also help protect businesses in the event of certain risk scenarios.

Also, consider meeting with local emergency services, such as the police department and fire department. Take them through your facility and let them help you determine the best risk management plan in different situations. You can also hire security guards as an additional resource to better manage risks.

Assign Responsibility

Having resources available is one thing, but using them is a different story. A large part of any risk management plan is to assign responsibility. Different people or teams need to be in charge when it comes to specific risks.

For instance, if a retail store employee sees someone shoplifting, what should they do? Who’s in charge? What’s the protocol? Having a leader in place means you have someone trained to step up and take charge when something goes wrong.

Test Resources In Action

You’ve determined your available resources, but now it’s time to ensure they fit in with your scenario planning. While you don’t have to test them out fully, you should create a team made up of all types and levels of employees to see if the proposed resource(s) make sense in this scenario.

It’s a great way to see what works best and what could actually make a situation worse. For instance, an employee running after a shoplifter could result in the employee getting hurt. Silently notifying a plain-clothes security guard and having the guard wait at the front doors is much more effective and safer.

Create A Final Plan

The final step is to work the resources into your risk management plan. Every employee should have a copy of the plan, at least the parts that pertain to them. This gives them a guide on how to proceed during any major risk. Plus, it’s a guide when you practice scenarios from time to time.

Of course, you’re free to tweak this plan as needed should things change. As your business grows, you’ll discover you have more resources available and likely more types of risk too.

Review Resources Regularly

Just because you’ve reviewed your resources today, doesn’t mean those resources are still valid a year from now. For instance, what if you recently upgraded to an electronic key card system for all doors? This would change evacuation procedures, especially if the power went out and left all doors locked.

Review not only your resources; but your entire risk management plan, on a regular basis. Do it after you’ve made any major changes as this made add or take away from available resources.

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