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How To Utilize Internal Resources

Internal Resources

You don’t have to rely solely on external resources for your risk management plan.

In fact, learning how to utilize internal resources allows you to benefit from all the expertise currently within your business. It’s only when your business works as a solid team that you’re able to avoid and manage risks effectively.

While it might not seem like you have that many resources already at your disposal, take a closer look and you might be surprised at how much help is already in your business.

Human Resources

Your human resources department is a vital internal resource for dealing with risks related to personnel issues. For instance, HR may be called in to help when firing an employee to avoid any potential risks of discrimination claims and misunderstandings that could result in lawsuits or security problems later.

They’re also a trusted department to help guide employees in times of crisis. They may be the employees you choose to put in charge of certain parts of your risk management plan.

Safety Team

A large number of risks come as a result of safety problems in your business. For instance, if employees needed to evacuate quickly, what happens if exits are blocked by equipment or inventory? Your safety team works an internal resource to ensure no safety problems pose a risk to your business.

They work alongside employees to help keep them safer. They’re also trained to recognize safety hazards, such as knowing the safest way to evacuate during a natural disaster. Working with them helps you discover new risks and ways to avoid those risks. Should the worst happen, you’ll have a valuable resource at hand to guide the business through.

Risk Management Plan

Obviously, your risk management plan is an internal resource. It’s a plan you work diligently to create, evaluate and test. Trying to haphazardly handle risks as they happen just leads to safety, security and even financial problems your business.

Instead, ensure your risk management plan is always up to date and that employees know what to do when risks do happen. It’s all about being prepared and utilizing your plan when the time comes.

Don’t forget about the team that actually works on the risk management plan. Odds are, the team you’ve put together understand the risks your business faces better than anyone else. Their guidance in different scenarios is priceless.

Security Tools

All the security tools and features you have in your business are useful internal resources. For instance, requiring a key card to enter your business helps keep out potentially dangerous people who don’t belong, such as a disgruntled ex-employee.

You also likely have security cameras in place. Should you notice something that’s out of place, you can enact the proper risk management procedure. In the event of an ex-employee looking to cause trouble, you may send out a quick text to the heads of departments to lock down their area of the business to keep employees safe.

Security Team

One often overlooked internal resource is your security team. Security guards and remote monitoring security guards are invaluable in helping avoid and manage business risks.

Security guards are trained to recognize and respond appropriately to certain types of risk scenarios. For instance, they’re trained in how to help guide people to safety during natural disasters or get people out of the way during an active shooter crisis.

Their training helps them to stay calmer, which helps those around them. In the event something does happen, they become natural leaders to enact your risk management plan. Naturally, all that training helps immensely when it comes to creating your plan to begin with.

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