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The Partnership Between Technology And Guarding Services

Technology and Guarding Services

While some might say that technology has the potential to completely replace guarding services, the truth is, the two need each other for best results.

There’s a strong partnership between technology and guarding services. Thanks to technology, security guards are able to do far more than ever before.

However, you still need actual people as guards. Technology can’t replace them, but it does compliment them well for a well-rounded security strategy.

Video Opens Up New Security Opportunities

One of the most obvious ways technology and guarding services work together is through video surveillance. For instance, we’ve talked about how remote guarding helps reduce costs and provide extra eyes for on-site guards.

With the right software, you can even utilize video analytics to determine the weakest areas to better position security staff. For instance, you might believe the best place for guards is around entrances, but more incidences might occur in stairwells and parking lots.

As video surveillance advances, it becomes an even better partner for security guards.

Tracking Security Guards

While security guards work to protect your business, assets, staff and customers, we also want to ensure they’re safe too. This is why we utilize GPS technology to keep track of our guards at all times. Each guard has a unique static RFID tag and a handheld unit. If the unit’s stationary for more than five minutes, we check in to ensure they’re okay.

It’s just another way security guard services are integrating technology to keep everyone safer. Plus, it’s a way to maintain accountability.

Overall Threat Analysis

Technology also offers the opportunity perform in-depth threat analysis. For instance, security apps may take data from video, security reports, local crime reports, data from past major events and more to determine an estimated threat level at any given time for your area and business.

You’ll quickly uncover trends and see when and where you need guard services the most. For instance, you might not even realize you have more thefts during the spring or that crime rates spike in your area in August. While those are just examples, wouldn’t it be nice to have data available to better secure your business?

Drones Observe From On High

Drones are already being used to aid security guards. They have a unique vantage point and can patrol just like a guard. Their feeds can be remotely monitored and the data used to help guards take care of any security issues quickly.

They’re ideal for areas where it’s difficult for guards to check or in crowded situations. While you might not use them all the time, drones offer a safer way for security guards to monitor areas, especially in a dangerous situation.

Preventing Unauthorized Access

You can better utilize security guards in other areas by implementing secure entrances. Employees aren’t able to enter the building or certain rooms without the correct passcode, key card or even biometric scan. By combining this technology with your guards, you ensure there’s no unauthorized access.

This also prevents the need for anyone to have to manually check IDs or do more than help visitors find the correct entrances.

Advanced Technology For Better Security

Finally, new technology is constantly being released to offer better security for businesses and guards. For instance, in Singapore, there’s a shortage of security guards. The answer is robots. These security guard robots patrol and feature multiple cameras to record faces, license plates and more. These could work well with human guards to cover more area.

Smart glasses and even smart contacts could offer security guards another way to get information quickly or glance at security monitors to check more areas at one time.

Technology isn’t poised to erase the need for security guards. However, the possibilities are limitless when it comes to the partnership between the two. It’ll be interesting to watch to see how the two continue to come together to keep everyone safer.

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