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BOS Security Officers stand their Post in any weather

Atlanta, Ga – Neither sub freezing temperatures, ice, or snow kept BOS Security Officers from their POSTS.

The recent frigid weather sweeping across the US brought temperatures in the teens and several inches of snow quickly turning to ice especially in the north Georgia area. Schools and businesses closed for several days while roads were especially dangerous for travel. One salt spreading truck in the Atlanta area even lost traction and wrecked on the ice. Hundreds of accidents on the roads resulted in many employees stranded unable to get to work even at essential jobs at hospitals and nursing homes.

BOS Security is proud to report there was not a single lost hour of security to any of our customers. All of our officers were able to cover all shifts assigned during the severe weather.

Many of our officers were on outdoor POSTS where they were standing their POSTS in temperatures as low as 15 degrees.


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