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5 Security Challenges Upscale Communities Face

Residents of upscale communities, such as Buckhead in Atlanta, have high expectations for their safety and security. They pay a premium to live in these communities and expect they and their assets to be protected. They may be more likely to be the target of theft and other crime than the average homeowner. How can you ensure they are protected without making a gated community feel like a prison?


Here are five security challenges upscale communities can face and what to do about them:


Discretion from staff

Upscale security clients want to feel secure in their homes but prefer a more unobtrusive security presence. They also don’t want security staff in their business. Be professionally impersonal. If a matter is not security related, do not get involved beyond friendly greetings or innocuous conversations like the weather.

Balancing security and aesthetics

The ultimate in security would involve guard towers, razor wire, and armed guards. But no one wants to live in that sort of environment. Instead, consider hedges or walls that conform with the architecture of the development while still offering protection. Uniformed guards may be desirable for deterrence, but they shouldn’t look like a SWAT team.

Demanding clientele

Residents of high-end developments are accustomed to being well taken care of and will have high standards – some that are nearly impossible to meet. Get to know who people are, and greet them by name and their preferences. Building trust is essential in effective security.

Law enforcement interaction

When incidents occur or there is a significant threat, you will have to deal with local law enforcement. They may not be as concerned with the comfort of your clients as you are. It’s entirely possible that some of your guards can be former or off-duty police officers. Consider using them to smooth communication.

Balancing access control with freedom

Residents of communities like Buckhead do not want undesirable parties to get onto their property, but they expect to be able to move about freely themselves. Security professionals may need to be creative to find this balance or take the time to educate community members on behaviors that might be jeopardizing their safety.


Your community’s safety and security are essential.

Contact the experts at BOS Security at 404-793-6965 to learn more about creating a security plan to protect the people and property in the upscale communities you are protecting. We can assess your security objectives, and design and implement a comprehensive plan to mitigate the risks.


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