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What Kind of Security Company do you want to work with?

Inc. Magazine recently ranked BOS Security as the 12th fastest growing security company in the nation and #30 of all companies in the State of Georgia.  Last year the UGA Alumni Association ranked BOS Security #9 on its list of 100 fastest-growing “Bulldog owned” companies in the nation.  Our 3-year growth rate is a whopping 702%!  We’ve accomplished this growth organically, one customer a time.

We’ve accomplished this while keeping our focus on the customer!  Clearlyrated, an independent surveyor contacted all of our customers earlier this year and awarded us a ranking of 4.8 out of 5 stars from those customer reviews.

Do you want to work with those big national security firms that are owned by the private equity firms?  Those are the firms that keep buying up smaller security companies to grow their market coverage. They are focused on short-term profitability so that they can sell the business for a profit.  Their focus is CUT, CUT, CUT and then SELL OUT.  Then there is the large security firm that recently made national headlines for taking shortcuts in their hiring processes just to make a profit.

At BOS Security, yes, we’re growing, but we’re a family owned business focused on the long-term.  Our priority is to make every client a customer for life.  If you’d like to talk to us about your security guard needs, please contact us at this link today, or just give us a call at 404-793-6965.


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