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How Airport Security Makes a Difference to the American People   

Airport security can make an enormous impact on the lives of the American People and even travelers throughout the world. Security contributes to both actual and perceived safety of travelers and their loved ones. People depend on airport security to perform screenings that prevent dangerous materials or people from making it onto the airplane.

The contribution to perceived safety is that travelers can feel confident that they and their loved ones are protected when they get on a plane. Every day Americans get on planes, and while they may find some security checks invasive or inconvenient, they know that every other traveler is facing similar scrutiny.

9/11 was a call to action for many people. Some chose to enlist in the military, others to become first responders, and many were inspired to become a part of the TSA, to be on the frontlines of protecting Americans. For others, they started thinking it would be just another job, but they soon found that their presence made a big difference to the people they encounter. They make real connections with the communities they serve, becoming a familiar face to frequent travelers.

Some people hate flying because of a variety of reasons or fears. The presence of airport security guards can offer that little boost of confidence to travelers who may worry about terrorists or other security risks. Positive interaction with a security guard can make the difference between someone looking forward to their next trip and dreading it.

Quality is an essential factor in how airport security can make a real difference. It takes more than a warm body. The best airport security officers are well screened and trained. They have the right temperament to be both professional and friendly in their interactions with the public.

If you think that airport security could be the right career for you, learn a little bit more about what it’s like by reading our What I Do Matters series where Officers tell you in their own words what their jobs are like. Then take the next step and contact the experts at BOS Security. We’ll be happy to discuss your interests and experience to see if airport security is the right for you.


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