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The Cost of Security: Contract vs. In-House Security Guards   

If security is a concern for your business or residential building, you may wonder what your options are.  How do you know what the best fit for your unique needs is? Is it better to work with a security company that can provide contract security guards who can be called on as you need them, or does it make more sense to hire your own full-time security employees? For most companies, one of the primary considerations is cost.

For the most part, working with a security company will give you the most bang for your buck for a variety of reasons.

Your security headcount is always just right

You can staff up when required or reduce the number of guards when you don’t need the coverage. You’ll never have to pay for guards who are left idle, nor will you need to scramble for additional guards if you have a sudden or temporary need for additional guards.

You can vary the mix of guards you have

Plainclothes, uniformed, armed, unarmed, even remote monitoring. You can try a variety of security to see what suits you best or use them all as needed. This allows you to avoid costly errors.

They come already trained

All you have to do is update them on the physical plant and your preferences. You don’t need to train from scratch. Best of all, the training is conducted by experts who can share proven best practices.

You don’t have to do the hiring

Parsing resumes, conducting interviews, handling background checks, and other screenings. It takes time, and the risk is high. With contract security guards, this is all taken care of

You pay just one bill

When you contract with a security firm, they are the ones who take care of wages, training, any overtime requirements, vacation or holiday pay, payroll taxes, uniforms, benefits, as well as workers’ comp and unemployment insurance.

Contract guards are usually your best bet

In-house guards may seem like they give you more control, but the reality is a security firm will be better able to assess what makes someone security guard material. They will know where to look for the best candidates and how to evaluate their skills and potential as well as identifying red flags and conducting appropriate checks. If you would like to know more about working with a professional security firm, contact the experts at BOS Security.


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