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What I Do Matters: Jocilyn Mims

What I Do Matters: Jocilyn Mims

Whether maintaining order for events at the University of Georgia Tate Student Center or providing security at a sorority house on campus, Jocilyn Mims is serious about her job. These days, although there isn’t much going on at the Tate Center, there are certain challenges to maintaining a sense of safety and security in a college town during a pandemic. It takes a serious and dedicated security officer like Jocilyn Mims.


Officer Mims understands the duties involved in providing security and keeping people, especially young people, out of harm’s way. She participated in ROTC throughout high school and has lived all over, primarily the southeast. Officer Mims is familiar with the discipline it takes to serve and protect.


After relocating to Athens from Madison, Georgia, in 2013, Officer Mims worked at a local gas station before getting into private security. Officer Jocilyn Mims also worked security at the Athens Hilton, and prior to this past year when she has worked for BOS, provided security for the sorority where she is currently assigned. Because of Officer Mims’ professionals the sorority specifically asked for her to be assigned to them upon BOS Security’s acquisition of the security detail.


“It made me feel very proud to know they wanted me there.” says Officer Mims, “It feels good knowing I must be good at my job.”


For anyone unfamiliar with the campus layout, the sorority houses and fraternity house, huge victorian and southern colonial-style mansions, some dating back to the mid-1800’s, sit imposingly along Milledge Avenue. The houses accommodate just under 100 residents, on average. There are also many sorority and fraternity members who come and go during the day, especially now, with digital learning in place.


Whatever security concerns go down, Officer Mims is skilled and ready. She credits the extremely thorough training with BOS Security for that confidence.


“There’s nothing I can’t handle. And I know how to nip trouble in the bud before it escalates” States Officer Mims. That confidence is a definite plus when dealing with the throngs of students, alumni and fans who descend on the town and the Tate Center to cheer on their beloved “Dawgs.”

What I Do Matters Because

“We are part of the community of first responders. There can be a lot of pressure, but we have to remain cool and in control. I keep the girls safe at the sorority house and keep troublemakers out of the Tate Center on game days. A ‘good day’ is when I have no trouble with anybody. It matters to keep the peace.”


The Most Rewarding Part of My Job Is

“At the sorority house it’s most rewarding when the girls thank me. The house mother is always very appreciative and so are the girls’ mothers. At the Tate Center I do encounter those individuals who are belligerent, want to threaten and get mouthy with me. But I can handle it. I’ve been thoroughly trained in de-escalating situations like that.”


What I Am Most Proud of At Work

“It’s important for the girls to feel safe and feel that their property is guarded. That way they’re able to be focused on their education. When I come back to work after a day off the House Mother tells me ‘Oh thank goodness! Now I can sleep peacefully’ and that makes me proud.  At the Tate Center our main goal is to keep alcohol out of the building. We’re there for the duration of the game and it always feels good to report back that there were only a few minor issues. Giving a positive report is always rewarding.”


When you find yourself on the campus of the University of Georgia, game day or not, you can rest easy that there is a dedicated, skilled and confident security officer on the job; Officer Jocilyn Mims.


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