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Evaluating the Perceived Perception of Security Officers

What’s your first impression when you think of security officers? The stereotypical “night watchmen” who sleep on the job? The “mall cop” who likes to throw his weight around? The big muscle-bound dude who’s scary to be around? 

Time to update your perception! 

Today’s security officers are present to make the public feel safer, not to scare you. Knowing that a trained, experienced security professional should give you confidence, not reservations.  

Security officers of 2020 are: 

Observant. They notice the little things that you may not, like a burned-out lightbulb on the property or a shrub that needs to be trimmed to eliminate an opportunity for an intruder to hide 

People Perceptive. They should be able to read people wellto tell when someone is trying to get over on them through social engineering (“Left my key card at home!”). They should be able to identify with a high degree of accuracy when someone poses a security risk. 

Level-headed. A good security guard will never make things worse. They will keep people calm in stressful situationsThe ability to deescalate is a valuable skill for security. Security professionals work closely with law enforcement, but just as often, prevent the need for police involvement. 

Tech-savvy. Technology is becoming an increasingly important part of modern security solutions. Whether guards are part of your cyber-security team or work in conjunction with your remote video monitoring service, they need a basic understanding of the systems you’re using 

Preventionfocused. Law enforcement is primarily reactive. They respond when something bad happens. Security guards can prevent bad things from happening. From workplace violence to theft to assault – wouldn’t you rather have someone on hand who can prevent rather than respond?  

How does BOS Security ensure the guards they provide are the best of the best? 

Interviewing. It begins with our interview process, which includes behavioral, situational, and job history questions. We conduct reference checks, background checks, psychological assessment. Our goal is to learn about the candidate’s past experiences, behaviors, knowledge, skills, and abilities. All our guards are well-trained and supervised.  

TrainingThe right training can make all the difference. Specific environments and risk levels require appropriate types of training. Any security professional should be trained in fire safety, terrorism awareness, emergency planning and evacuation procedures and security technology. They should also have an understanding of your specific needs.  

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