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When to Hire Temporary Security Guards

One of the best ways to control the cost of security without sacrificing quality is by using temporary security guards. It’s an effective way to ensure you have the security you require, whether that means a couple of guards to protect a vacant property or an extensive security force to manage crowds during a large event. Temporary security guards ensure you always have the security you need without spending more than you must 


Pandemic response 

COVID-19 has meant that many businesses have shifted to a full or partial remote workforce. That means you may be able to make do with a skeleton security crew to prevent intruders from entering the property or controlling access and monitoring infection control protocols as people come back to work. As people return to the workforce, the security staff can be gradually ramped up as needed.  


Crowd control  

If you host events at your property, you may need to boost your staff as needed. This is a perfect example of cost savings through the use of temporary security guards. Suppose 200 people typically work in your building, but you have conferences in which 2.000 people may show up. In that case, your regular security staff will not provide adequate coverage, but you don’t want to add an excessive number of guards to your fulltime payroll.  


True cost of temporary security guards 

You may wonder how much it costs to hire security guards on a temporary basis. It depends on a lot of factors but can range from not much more than minimum wage for retail businesses to hundreds of dollars per hour for private security. For most businesses, it’s realistic to budget for $25-$50 dollars per hour. Keep in mind that unlike fulltime guards on your payroll, the hourly cost of a temporary security guard includes benefits, payroll, training, uniforms, workers’ comp and unemployment. When you contract a temporary security guard, there are no hidden costs.  


When should you hire temporary security guards? 

For some businesses, temporary security guards can fulfill all their security needs. For others, temporary or contract guards are ideal when they need to augment their fulltime security staff. Partner with a security company that can discuss your specific requirements for the best results. The experts at BOS Security can ensure you always have access to the security professionals you need. Contact the experts at BOS Security today. 


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