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What I Do Matters: Michael Post

What I Do Matters: Michael Post

BOS Security Officer Michael Post is a bit of a “Jack of All Trades.” He has worked as a personal trainer, a welder, and in many other jobs in his young life, but no job has ever fit Officer Post as well as his position with BOS Security. Recently, Officer Michael Post celebrated his 4th anniversary with the company and is looking forward to many more.

Born in New Jersey, Officer Post spent his early years in Connecticut before moving with his family to the Alpharetta, Georgia, area where he was raised. Michael Post is a self-proclaimed “Georgia Boy” and is proud to root for his favorite team, the Georgia Bulldogs. Providing security in the evenings for the students at Piedmont University’s Athens Campus along Prince Avenue is a responsibility Officer Post takes very seriously.

“I like to know and understand as much about the sites I work as I possibly can. I’ll regularly review crime statistics for specific areas, so I’m aware of what to watch for.” Explains Officer Post, “As long as I’m aware I can keep the students safe.”

Michael Post believes the presence of BOS Security officers is a deterrent for criminals and criminal activity.

“Uniformed Security absolutely keeps away bad actors. When they’re casing things, they see us and they rethink their plans.”

Officer Post believes protecting the community is essential to security, in every situation. He warns the students to always be aware of their surroundings and be conscious of the activity going on around them, in any given situation. He encourages people not to let their guard down whether on campus or celebrating in downtown Athens.

Michael Post is extremely dedicated to his own physical fitness. He believes fitness is key to his job training and he has participated in several competitive obstacle course events. Officer Post’s devotion to his physical fitness is what he feels gives him greater mental acuity.

“As a security officer it’s necessary to make quick decisions and respond immediately. I often run through scenarios in my head ,so I’m prepared for any given situation. Reaction time can’t lag. Mental fitness is extremely important.”

What I Do Matters Because

“I help people stay safe. I enjoy helping people-being in contact with all different types of individuals from all different walks of life. I enjoy meeting and seeing how I can help people within my community, and all around me. When I was 4 years old, my dad asked me what was most important to me. I answered, ’people’ and it’s something I’ve lived by ever since.”

The Most Rewarding Part of My Job Is

“The job itself is its own reward. Knowing I’m making a difference in the community is very rewarding to me. Being of service to the students, faculty and the rest of the community at large is something I’m proud of. The students and the faculty at Piedmont University feel safe because I’m there.”

What I Am Most Proud Of At Work

“The company can usually assign me anywhere and because of my experience, I will do a good job. I can relate to and interact with, pretty much everyone. I enjoy serving people but if a situation needs it I can step in and take control. In the last four years I’ve probably encountered thousands of situations that could’ve turned out not-so-good. I was able to de-escalate every single one.”

Devoted to his community, mentally aware, physically fit, and an all-around caring individual makes Security Officer Michael Post the man for this job.


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