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Does Your Security Plan Prepare Your Staff for an Armed Intruder?

Does Your Security Plan Prepare Your Staff for an Armed Intruder?

It’s an unfortunate fact that the possibility of facing an armed intruder is a reality virtually everywhere –from businesses to movie theatres to schools and churches. Do you have a plan in place to protect your staff and help them protect themselves? Preparation can help ensure you know what to do in an emergency and prevent panic or deadly decisions. Here are some of the steps you can take to get ready.


Engage With Law Enforcement

Your local law enforcement agency can conduct a free security assessment of your property to detect vulnerabilities in your property. Their experience and observations can be invaluable because they can see things you might never have noticed.


Identify Threats To Your Organization

The best way to prepare for a threat is by knowing what you are most likely to face. If you have received threats or have been targeted by violent organizations, or hold controversial positions, be sure you know what to look for. This could include suspicious behaviors, violent threats, unidentified people loitering, etc.


Make It Easy To Report Anomalies

Do employees know what to watch for and who to report suspicions to? Is there a mechanism for anonymous reporting if people are reluctant to attach their name to a complaint? Your employees are your eyes on the ground. Use their observations to your advantage by making it easy to report them.


Do Regular Drills

Prepare for a variety of scenarios. Have a plan to evacuate or shelter in place. It’s easier to find flaws in your plan and remedy them when you’re not in a high-stress situation. The more you practice, the better the chance people can act calmly in the moment.


Conduct Security Sweeps

At the beginning and end of the day and before any events, assign someone to walk through the building and any property to detect anything out of place. Look for strange packages, propped doors, people who aren’t where they belong. Strangers.


Establish Communication Channels

Be sure there is a plan to communicate threats to employees or others in the building if an armed assailant enters your building. Codes can help employees know what steps to take to protect themselves and others.


Create An Evacuation Plan

Be sure people know all areas of egress throughout the building, including those most may not think of. For example, windows can be used to escape in an emergency, particularly on the first floor. Check that all windows are operational if you intend for them to be used. Establish a designated meeting area.


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