BOS Security Insights: Body-Worn Camera Policy

BOS Security Insights: Body-Worn Camera Policy

With body cameras becoming more commonplace in security applications, BOS Security has established a body camera policy to guide our security officers and to bring peace of mind to our clients. We noted a client demand for guidelines as well as a civic duty to ensure standards are met and exceeded.


Why Body Cameras at BOS Security?

Cameras can reduce the risk of violent confrontations or false complaints because it provides an accurate record of interactions. Actions or evidence can’t be lost or misconstrued. It can protect the officer wearing the camera, the company where he is assigned, and BOS Security as well as those involved in any incidents. It can reveal vulnerabilities or the need for additional officer training.


BOS Security Body Cameras Policy

Cameras are only to be worn for official duty by on-duty officers. Cameras must be BOS Security issued. They cannot be the personal property of the security officer or provided by the client. They are to be worn on the security guard’s uniform or the outside of their jacket. Clients should not assume that all officers are wearing body cameras. Currently, only supervising officers or officers on specific assignments will be issued cameras as needed.


How BOS Security Body Cameras are Used

Officers do not need to have the camera on at all times and don’t have to record every encounter. Usage is at the officer’s discretion. Security officers should use their best judgment. The officer has a responsibility to understand when not to turn the camera on when the risk of recording sensitive information or scenes is a possibility; informants are not recorded; people do have a right to privacy. BOS Security cameras can stop recording when incidents are turned over to law enforcement.


Body Camera Policy Updates Are Ongoing

BOS Security expects to expand on this policy as needed. It’s been in use for about a year now, and it’s been a valuable/successful asset so far. In the places cameras have been used so far, it’s always been an advantage and no complaints have been placed.


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