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When A Security Officer Makes All The Difference

When A Security Officer Makes All The Difference

At BOS Security, we are always proud of our officers and know that they work hard to ensure our clients’ safety, property, and peace of mind. But it’s not often that someone reaches to us to let us know firsthand the impact a BOS Security officer has had on them. A manager at one of the properties we protect wrote to us to express how happy they were with the service of their on-site guard, Jocelyne Dumas.


Our Security Officer is Part of the Community

Officer Dumas has been assigned to this property for over a year and is loved ad appreciated by all who encounter her on the job. The manager raves about the rapport Officer Dumas has built with the people she is responsible for. “She is the perfect amount of stern, but with love. She has taken ownership of this account and treats the community as if it were her own.”


It’s About More Than The Job Description

She has earned a reputation for always going above and beyond. Our client shared some examples with us of Jocelyne’s dedication and work ethic.

The BOS Security Difference

BOS Security Officer Dumas is:

  • The second set of eyes on the property for the managers whenever she is on patrol.
  • Understanding of the community and common issues they face.
  • Willing to send pictures to managers if she encounters anything on patrol that requires their attention.
  • Focused on every aspect of the community even keeping an eye out for employees to ensure they are treated with respect
  • Happy to pick up litter, straighten furniture, etc.. and help managers who need assistance.


Officer Dumas is Always Alert, Always Aware

The property manager said that even though the community is quiet, Officer Dumas never grows complacent on the job. She is always fully aware of everything going on in her assigned community and takes her job seriously.


“Ms. Jocelyne is like family to this community, and we absolutely love her.”

The BOS Security Difference

BOS Security Officer professionals are experienced, vetted, and receive the highest levels of training from certified instructors. But no amount of training will make an exceptional security officer out of someone unless they are already hard-working, dedicated, and have a great attitude.

At BOS Security we know every officer brings something unique to the table and we are proud of each one of them!


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