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Building Management Tips: Security Guards for Hire

Building Management Tips: Security Guards for Hire

Like many fields, wages for security guards have gone up, but for most building managers and owners, paying a bit of a premium is usually worth it. Experienced guards may ask for more, but they give more. They take their careers seriously and their clients’ safety personally. They are more attentive, better trained and have the experience to quickly detect the difference between a serious danger and a minor issue. They are masters of de-escalation and will represent you well as an extension of building management.


What can you expect from a well-qualified security officer?


When you have well-trained, respectable guards on-premise, intruders and other wrongdoers may think twice before starting trouble. Responsiveness is great; prevention is better. A noticeable security presence can prevent vandalism, thefts, and assaults.


The presence alone of a security officer with a strong presence wearing a neat uniform can allow people to go about their business with a feeling of safety and security. Even if the officer isn’t called upon to spring into action, they’ll know they are there for them.


If you take your impression of security officers from pop culture, you would assume they were either vigilantes or incompetent “mall cops.” The reality is that one of their chief strengths is their ability to “talk down” people who are angry or upset. Exceptional security officers know when it’s time to be “tough” and when to be approachable and foster trust.


Security officers are invaluable in paying attention to the details law enforcement needs to successfully prosecute crimes that occur on location and exercise their judgment as to when the police should be involved.


With regular patrols, an attentive guard may know your property better than almost anyone. They’ll know when a fence is beginning to lean, shrubs are growing tall enough to block cameras or if there is any damage or that wear should be repaired.

Rapid Response

Because security guards are right on-site, they can immediately address any issues that arise. It can take the police a while to arrive. They can keep people safe, prevent a semblance of order until the police arrive or quickly resolve the issue without engaging law enforcement.


How Much Does it Cost to Hire Security Guards?

Hiring a security guard can cost anywhere from $15 to $100+ per hour, depending on your requirements. If you need a guard to watch a retail store for shoplifters, the cost will fall toward the bottom of the scale.



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