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How Guard Touring Can Enhance Your Security Services

How Guard Touring Can Enhance Your Security Services

Most security guards want to spend the bulk of their time, well, guarding. Logging patrols, preparing reports, and noting maintenance issues – sure, it’s part of the job, but when their head’s down scribbling notes on a clipboard, who knows what a security officer may be missing.

The answer? A guard tour system. It is a program used to help companies organize, log, and execute patrols at specific times or intervals. The system will have scannable checkpoints throughout the property. Security officers can scan in as they reach checkpoints, send alerts, record events, and send real-time reports.


Eliminate written notes

While keeping records is essential, written notes are not the best method. It takes time to handwrite notes. They can get lost. They are not easily searchable. If it’s raining, snowing or windy, notes can get smudged or destroyed. With a guard tool system, all data can be gathered with a mobile device that can sync in real-time with a hard drive or the cloud.


Keep guards accountable

While most security officers are vigilant, a guard tour system can reassure clients that guards are where they are when they are supposed to be there. It can also provide evidence to back up any claims your officer makes with thorough documentation. It can clear up any confusion regarding the time and interval of patrols or any missed checkpoints.


Store historical data

A guard tour system makes it simple to pull up information from any date or time. This feature is helpful if an incident occurs at your location or anywhere nearby. It can be useful to get to the bottom of an event – even if it wasn’t noted at the time, there might still be valuable information. If a crime occurs, data can be used to solve or prosecute. Because everything collected will be time-stamped, so there is no question about accuracy or human error.


Detect patterns

Data gathered on a mobile device and stored in the cloud can be analyzed to see if incidents occur in the same place, so additional guards, cameras or other security equipment should be added at that location.


Manage remotely

Security officers can be managed from anywhere, whether that’s a central location on site, the security firm’s home office or a remote offsite location. Guards can be deployed as needed, working in conjunction with remote security monitoring.


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