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BOS Security is Hiring Part-Time Security Guards

BOS Security is Hiring Part-Time Security Guards

Thinking about working as a part-time security guard? BOS Security is hiring! We offer training, support, and opportunity to our security officers. You can choose the schedule that’s best for you. Work around your school or family obligations or choose the hours when you are at your best. You can also supplement your full-time income with an evening or weekend shift.

As a part-time security guard, you’ll help people feel safe and help prevent losses, especially during busy periods like the holidays or other crunch times. You’ll get to meet lots of different kinds of people while providing a service that makes them feel safe and secure.


Part-Time Security is a great way to try out a new career

If you have strong customer service skills, are attentive and detail-oriented, a part-time security job guard may be for you. You’ll need a high school diploma or general education degree (GED) to join the BOS Security team. Ideally, we look for people who have security, law enforcement, military, or other related experience and/or training.


What’s it like to be a security guard?

You’ll be responsible for an assigned area, depending on what the business owner or managers need. You could be sitting at a desk checking IDs or patrolling the perimeter – maybe both!


Other common security duties include:

  • Preventing unauthorized persons from entering the property.
  • Patrolling buildings and grounds on foot.
  • Checking that all doors, windows, and gates are secure.
  • Observing and reporting fire hazards, leaks, propped doors, etc.
  • Noting property damage, irregularities, or any malfunctioning machinery or equipment.
  • Warning violators of infractions such as loitering, smoking, or carrying forbidden articles.
  • Apprehending or ejecting suspicious persons.
  • Controlling or dispersing any crowds.
  • Evacuating personnel in the event of fire, weather, active shooter or other events.
  • Engaging or cooperating with law enforcement as needed.
  • Notifying the fire department in the case of fire or other hazards.


Find Out How You Can Become a Part-Time Security Officer!

If you have any questions about what it takes to be a security officer, contact BOS Security, or if you want a firsthand account of what it’s really like, read some of our “What I Do Matters” blogs.

Learn more about available security officer jobs or begin the application process at our job board

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