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Maintaining Public Safety During Annual Events in Atlanta

Maintaining Public Safety During Annual Events in Atlanta

Summer is a busy time for any city. The greater Atlanta area is no exception. Warm weather and more hours of sunlight bring a return of annual community events like festivals and fairs, farmer’s markets, and other outdoor activities – not to mention high-profile events like the Truist Atlanta Open Tennis Finals and PGA Tour Championship in Atlanta. What’s the best way to keep the public safe when security is the last thing on their minds? Review these tips from BOS Security.

A Proportional Response

The level of security required varies drastically between a neighborhood farmer’s market and an internationally known golf tournament. For small local events, a simple reminder to lock your car and mind your wallet and children may be all that’s needed. Share helpful tips with signs, emails or social media. On the opposite end of the spectrum are large, highly visible events that can be magnets for stalkers, criminals and even terrorists. Keeping these venues safe can be much more complex and strategic.

Security For Large Events

Events like concerts and major sporting events require a multilevel security approach. Cautioning attendees to mind their surroundings and leave valuables at home is a solid start. Typically, armed or unarmed security will be placed in parking lots or structures, at entrances and throughout the venue. Cameras are a given, often augmented by drones in recent years. Celebrity guests often bring their own security team, but there remains a need to augment guest and venue security with a professional security service.

Mid-Size Events

Most Events Fall Somewhere between these two extremes. Fairs, concerts featuring local musicians and other mid-size events can benefit from uniformed officers, remote video surveillance and access control. Armed guards may be recommended depending on the event’s size and other risk factors. Much like indoor events, the strategic placement of cameras with remote monitoring can be a valuable addition to security for events in Atlanta. Get more tips on even security by reading our previous articles about what it’s like behind the scenes at public events in Atlanta and the importance of security and event teams working together.

Contact BOS Security About Public Safety For Atlanta Events

BOS Security offers traditional security such as on-site officers and cutting-edge security solutions, including solar-powered surveillance trailers and VirtuGuard™ remote video surveillance. For a free consultation regarding the best security strategy for your Atlanta event, contact BOS Security today.


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