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What I Do Matters: Creighton “Fred” Arrington

Creighton “Fred” Arrington believes in extending kindness and empathy to his community both in uniform and out of uniform. Fred began working as an Unarmed Security Officer for BOS Security about a year ago while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and minor in Sociology. When asked to be featured in this series, Fred insisted that he was simply doing his job despite being recommended by his supervisors to be recognized for going above and beyond for his job.  
Fred was recently patrolling the Kroger shopping center off of Alps Road when his vigilance and quick action prevented a potential tragedy. After hearing a car alarm go off for longer than usual, Fred approached the vehicle, finding a young girl unattended in the hot vehicle. A Kroger employee had already been alerted by a concerned shopper, so Fred and the worker were able to remove the child from the vehicle and bring her inside to cool down.  
Fred immediately called the police to assist with this incident, being aware of the potential danger that could’ve occurred with the unattended child. They were able to locate the father by the time law enforcement arrived and deescalate the situation so not to cause more stress for the child. What could’ve ended in a deadly or scary event was quickly resolved by Officer Arrington.  
What I Do Matters Because…
“I want to help keep people safe and show a little bit of kindness because everyone’s not going to have the same circumstances as others, and I don’t think more aggressiveness or cruelty needs to be added to this world.” 
The Most Rewarding Part of My Job Is…
“The most rewarding part is just being able to see places around Athens and interact with people because whether I’mhere at Alps or the bus terminal or any of the other locations, I get to know some of the actual employees of locations or even regulars around the shopping centers. Even if they were initially weary of me, they eventually realized ‘Okay, this guy’s cool. He’s not going to cause problems as long as I’m not causing problems.’” 
What Are You Most Proud of at Work?
“I’m proud that I actually do get to make a difference. It may not feel like it all the time, but I do like and appreciate the days where I don’t have an incident to report on. But in instances, like with the child in the vehicle or stopping a shoplifter, it does feel a little extra rewarding. Even on days it seems like nothing happens, everything is great.” 
Fred’s patience, kindness, and empathy allow him to deescalate situations quickly and keep the communities he serves safe and comfortable. Soon, Officer Arrington will be redirecting his kindness and empathy as he begins to pursue his master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy next month. From making his tours around Athens to pursuing advanced degrees, Fred Arrington is committed to reducing cruelty in the world and making the people he encounters feel seen and respected.  

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