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What I Do Matters: Davian Lee

Transportation Security Officer Davian Lee is always rooting for his team, whether he is cheering on the Cowboys, his favorite football team, or supporting his TSA team at Tupelo Regional Airport. Before being hired as a TSO with BOS Security, Davian had no security background but lets his customer service skills shine. After a year of serving TUP, Officer Lee is confident in his ability to keep flyers safe while providing excellent customer service. 

Officer Lee knew this job was right for him when he no longer felt nervous conducting necessary searches. Working in an airport can be a stressful experience considering the safety risks and responsibilities that accompany the job. However, the TSOs at Tupelo Regional Airport have formed a tight-knit, collaborative team that diminishes nervousness for both flyers and Transportation Security Officers.  

What I Do Matters Because…

“My job is to keep people safe.” 

The Most Rewarding Part of My Job Is…

“When people tell how much they appreciate what we do and are thankful for us doing our jobs.” 

What Are You Most Proud of at Work?

“What I’m most proud of at work is being part of a great team with amazing co-workers. Everyone I work with is very helpful and they make every day enjoyable.” 

BOS Security is proud of the consistent safety and security that Officer Davian Lee and the rest of the Tupelo Regional Airport TSOs provide. If you ever find yourself flying into or out of TUP, be sure to thank Officer Lee for the service he and his coworkers provide! Without the dedication and teamwork of Davian Lee and his colleagues, TUP would not be the same.  


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