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BOS Security Recognized as Associate Member of the IFCPP

BOS Security is proud to be recognized as an Associate Member of the International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection. The IFCPP is a nonprofit organization that trains and supports professionals who protect and manage cultural, educational, and public institutions around the world. As a member of IFCPP, BOS Security can access training, support, and certification on how to best protect the cultural properties we serve. 

Some of the cultural properties BOS Security protects include churches, schools, historic homes, parks, art museums, and most recently, the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum. Training offered by the IFCPP emphasizes the sensitivity required for protecting irreplaceable or valuable artifacts and sites. Joining the International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection allows BOS Security and other members to stay up to date with industry trends and changes to keep our approaches consistent and effective.  

The IFCPP also hosts an Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado for industry professionals to network, attend workshops, informational sessions, certification courses, cultural excursions, and industry exhibits. BOS Security Founder and Chairman of the Board Nathan Carmack has held an Individual Membership with the organization for over 20 years, attending many of the Annual Conferences during that time. Mr. Carmack is set to speak at the Virtual Conference in September 2022.  

Membership with the International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection allows for BOS Security to expand our knowledge on how best to protect and serve cultural properties. We are proud to be associated with the IFCPP and eager to continue learning and adapting to industry trends and standards for security.  


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