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BOS Security Recognizes Hardworking Security Officers

The BOS Security Athens Office is sad to say goodbye to two of our best employees, Creighton “Fred” Arrington, and Chris Davenport. Officers Arrington and Davenport have been reliable, dedicated, and hardworking team players while serving and protecting the Athens-Clarke County community. BOS Security Vice President Carter Greene had praises to sing about the officers. They were always willing to pick up extra shifts to support their colleagues and clients and patrolled their posts with focus and diligence to ensure the safety of patrons. While we will miss having Officer Arrington and Officer Davenport on our Athens team, we are proud of the next steps they are taking to further their education and careers. 

Officer Creighton “Fred” Arrington

Officer Arrington began working with BOS Security in September 2021 and has been a dependable employee ever since. Fred was recently featured in our What I Do Matters blog series for his quick action and kindness while handling potentially dangerous incidents. 

Fred Arrington will be moving to Houston, Texas to pursue a Master of Science in Psychology with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy at Our Lady of the Lake University Houston campus.  

We are proud of the outstanding work Officer Fred Arrington provided during his time with BOS Security. We wish him nothing but the best in his next endeavor and hope he continues to spread kindness, understanding, and attention to detail in Houston. 

Officer Chris Davenport

Unarmed Security Officer Chris Davenport joined BOS Security in August 2021. For the past year, Officer Davenport has been a model employee and asset to both BOS Security and the Athens-Clarke County community.  

After leaving Athens, Chris Davenport will be moving to Norfolk, Virginia to pursue his Master of Music in Music Performance. Officer Davenport’s primary instrument is the euphonium, but he also plays the trombone.  

Officer Davenport has been an invaluable addition to BOS Security’s Athens-Clarke County security team for the past year, which both his supervisors and colleagues can attest to. While we will miss his dedication and positivity, we are proud of Chris Davenport for moving on to his next chapter and spreading his work ethic and loyalty in Virginia. 

Congratulations to both Officer Fred Arrington and Officer Chris Davenport for their acceptance into their respective Graduate programs.  BOS Security is proud to employ and learn from each of our Officers and their unique experiences and interests. We celebrate the diversity and individuality of all our Officers. Visit our jobs page today to see how you can join our team.  


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