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Physical Security Risks for Atlanta Businesses

Physical Security Risks for Atlanta Businesses

Raising crime rates in Atlanta mean business owners must be especially vigilant. Discussions of crime issues in the city often center around violent crimes such as shootings, assaults and personal property crimes. When these crimes become severe enough to outweigh the quality of life in the city, people who can afford to often choose to relocate. The same applies to the business community. The continuing impact of crime can cause long-term deterioration of the local economy.

Quality Of Life in Atlanta

Crimes in the business sector also have a negative impact on life in Atlanta. If your business is located in a high-crime area, it can be difficult to hire employees, and high-profile or security-conscious individuals may be reluctant to do business with you. You can lose valuable property to theft, your insurance costs rise, and without a comprehensive security strategy, the cost of protecting people and property can go through the roof.

Tailored Security Solutions

A comprehensive security plan customized to the risks and unique qualities of Atlanta is essential to keeping your business healthy and growing. A local security provider can conduct an assessment of your business to identify any vulnerabilities and suggest the best way to address them. Perhaps adding security officers is the solution. Armed guards may be necessary, depending on which part of Atlanta you’re located in or if you have items on your property that are highly valued by criminals.

Remote Video Monitoring

Cameras can be strategically placed as a deterrent and to capture criminals on your property. With remote monitoring, these cameras can help protect your business without putting an on-site guard in danger. Working with a security company that understands the specific risks common to the Atlanta area and can provide hands-on, custom service is important. BOS Security’s VirtuGuard™ remote video surveillance is a remote monitored security service trusted by many companies in Atlanta.


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