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What I Do Matters: Brenda King

A photo of Transportation Security Officer Brenda King alongside text that reads "My favorite part about working for BOS Security at ROW is having a strong, reliable team to make sure passengers are safe and worry free."

Transportation Security Officer Brenda King makes it her mission to spread joy and happiness wherever she goes. Officer King has been a TSO at Roswell Air Center, ROW, for just over a year. She initially applied in 2020, but the coronavirus delayed the hiring process until 2021. Brenda’s heart has been set on this job since she first applied, and she says she never gave up hope that this would be the right position for her.  

Working at ROW is Officer King’s first experience with security, but she has held many roles that prepared her for the job. She spent several years in Inventory Control and Loss Prevention and has worked in the oil fields and helped other individuals find jobs with major oil companies. Brenda even spent a brief time as an in-home caregiver, assisting the elderly with building healthier diets and exercise routines. She says that her previous work experience has provided her close attention to detail when solving problems, which is key when working in an airport.  

When she is not working, Officer King can be found doing arts and crafts activities with her seven-year-old daughter. Their favorite thing to do together is to paint rocks with positive messages on them to place around the city to spread happiness and joy.  

Most recently, Officer King’s attention to care for her patrons was proven once again. She was completing her normal duties when she noticed a young boy left unattended, wearing his ticket information around his neck to signal he was an unaccompanied minor. She approached the boy to assess the situation, finding that his flight had been delayed but his father left thinking the flight was leaving as scheduled. The boy had special needs but was able to communicate with Officer King while she found a solution. It is the airline’s responsibility to supervise unaccompanied minors, however there was no one accompanying the boy.  

Officer King was able to obtain the child’s parents’ contact information and let his father know what was happening. While the father was on his way back to the airport, Officer King waited with the child. She walked him around the airport, telling him the history and other facts about ROW. The two watched YouTube videos and exchanged bad dad jokes, her personal favorite, while they waited for the father to arrive. What could’ve been a scary and potentially dangerous situation was quickly observed and handled by Officer King with discretion and care. About a week later, she noticed the boy traveling back into ROW. He made a point to wave to the helpful TSO before returning to his father. Officer King continuously goes above and beyond for the flyers coming through Roswell Air Center. 

What I Do Matters Because…

“Myself and my team at ROW assure the safety of passengers boarding their plane.” 

The Most Rewarding Part of My Job Is…

“I love people and learning about different cultures and languages. Being a TSO has definitely allowed me to meet a wide variety of such interesting people.” 

What Are You Most Proud of At Work?

“My favorite part about working for BOS Security at ROW is having a strong, reliable team to make sure passengers are safe and worry free.” 


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