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Protection Through Remote Guarding: Outdoor Events

Protection Through Remote Guarding: Outdoor Events

Outdoor events can be challenging to control from a security perspective because it can be difficult to maintain the integrity of access to the event site. It may require remote guarding throughout the property and guards stationed at exits and entrances. It varies by location. A stadium event, for example, might be easier to handle than a fair. A stadium typically has limited access points where you need to show tickets, so there is some control, although in most cases, anyone can get a ticket.

Outdoor Spaces Present Challenges

On the other hand, a fairground is more porous, with multiple routes for people to get on and off the property. It’s virtually impossible to guard an event like this with foot patrols and guarded entryways. Cameras can assist, particularly those that are monitored in real-time. It’s also a good fit for drones that provide a literal bird’s eye view of the venue or solar-powered surveillance trailers. They can be invaluable because they can be placed throughout the event, even in places where this is no power source.

Solar-Powered Surveillance Trailers

Solar-powered surveillance trailers and pole-mounted security cameras come on a trailer that is self-powered and self-contained. They can be parked in outdoor spaces where other power sources are unavailable. Virtual security specialists can monitor these cameras in real-time and alert guards on the ground when they observe a situation that should be investigated. They can also notify law enforcement or rescue directly if required.

Remote Video Surveillance

Internet-enabled security cameras are a smart solution to view blind spots that are common in outdoor venues. The remote security team monitoring the cameras can help track suspicious individuals identified by on-site officers – a feat that would be nearly impossible on the ground when events can cover acres. Facial recognition software can also be employed if undesirable people have been identified ahead of time. Adding remote monitoring to your security solution can provide the coverage needed to allow attendees to enjoy the event worry-free. You get thorough coverage at a lower cost.

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