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Remote Guarding Jobs in Georgia 

Have you ever wondered what really happens in a command center? It’s likely you are envisioning a dark room mounted with dozens of screens, lights blinking rhythmically and computers beeping occasionally. And that is not far from reality. However, there is much more to working in a command center than switching between screens.  

BOS Security specializes in Interactive Video Surveillance, Monitoring, and Integration, as well as Virtual Interactive Concierge & Physical Guarding. We even coined our own name for it: VirtuGuard™. Remote guarding is a rapidly growing industry with room for individual growth and an opportunity to protect communities from a command center. 

What is VirtuGuard™? 

VirtuGuard™ is BOS Security’s remote guarding service that monitors client cameras 24/7/365. Our clients give our Command Center access to monitor their cameras for intrusions, burglaries, or any other threats. Features include:

  • Video Verification: An alarm will signal if a threat is perceived to be in progress. The Command Center Agent will review the video footage and if the threat is deemed to be credible, the agent will issue a voice command or report the suspect or vehicle to the responding agency. 
  • Virtual Patrol: Our virtual officers complete scheduled virtual guard tours through each of the relevant onsite cameras. They can do guard tours with or without voice command announcements. Guard tours with voice commands alert employees and patrons that their safety is being visually and audibly monitored. On the other hand, guard tours without voice commands discreetly ensure company compliance. This includes monitoring employees counting and handling cash drawers, unauthorized people, and shoplifting. 
  • Security Escorts: If a person is going from one destination to another, our virtual guard escorts will be an extra set of eyes and ears to ensure that the employee makes it to their destination safely. 
  • Virtual Openings and Closings: Opening or closing a store often requires two employees to be present for safety and accountability. Our command center agents can virtually monitor store openings and closings by being the second person, but remote. 
  • Voice Commands: Our Command Center Agents can issue Customer Care Commands within the location they are monitoring. These commands are delivered in a friendly, welcoming tone and are used to greet customers, make storewide announcements, and assist employees in need of assistance.  
  • Audio Deterrent: If a Virtual Officer notices suspicious or criminal activity, they can activate audio speakers to issue warnings. These Protection Voice Commands are delivered in a more authoritative tone and are used to disperse loitering, discourage shoplifting, and address intruders. Audio deterrent can be an effective method of preventing or stopping crime or vandalism. 
  • Operational Safety Audits: Our security team will work with clients to develop an operational audit plan to customize the inspection of the location. Our agents will confirm that special items or areas of interest, such as store policies and corporate standards, are followed by staff and patrons. Should there be any violations or concerns, the agent will take a snapshot video of the incident, create a detailed report, and submit them to their supervisor and the site’s security executives. The purpose of conducting a safety audit is to ensure that procedures are in place in the event of a dangerous incident.  VirtuGuard™ allows for clients to monitor and protect their properties with the attention and responsiveness of human guards, but from a remote location.  

No Security Background? No problem. 

While many security officers come from law enforcement or military background, there are many transferable skills that may prepare someone for a job in security

Customer service is an essential feature of this job, as Command Center agents will have direct communication and interaction with the public, BOS Security management, and the client properties they surveil. To prevent situations from escalating, our agents must approach incidents or suspicious activity with sensitivity, discretion, and calmness. Other transferable skills that align with our Command Center positions include: 

  • Attention to detail 
  • Multitasking 
  • Communication Skills 
  • Familiarity with technology 

Anyone is capable of excelling in a security position if they perform superb customer service and embrace learning and mastering the responsibilities of the job. 

Become a Command Center Agent 

Are you a recent college graduate or Criminal Justice major? Maybe you’re a loss prevention professional or a customer service representative looking for a change. If so, the Command Center Agent position could be the right job for you! View the job posting on our website. 

Virtual security monitors can make a difference in people’s lives and safety without putting themselves in danger or being exposed to the outdoor elements. You will learn how to operate new security technologies, monitor live video footage, record data, write incident reports, and much more during the paid training period. BOS Security will make sure you have the training and tools necessary to provide an outstanding level of service for our clients. 

Lead a Command Center Team 

Do you have management or leadership experience? BOS Security is seeking a Virtual Monitoring Center Supervisor to lead our command center team. You will work closely with Command Center Agents to ensure compliance with all company and client policies and build a successful team environment. Additionally, you will: 

  • Use analytical tools and reports to identify, react to, and solve client and staff issues 
  • Organize and supervise staff workload 
  • Hold command center agents accountable to a high standard of performance and more 

This leadership opportunity is perfect for those who want to lead a successful team and continue developing in a rapidly growing industry.  

Competitive Benefits of the Job 

BOS Security offers a wide range of competitive benefits for our security employees, including our remote guards. Our benefits include: 

  • Healthcare coverage options for employees and their families, including vision and dental 
  • Life insurance plans  
  • Option to enroll in retirement plans 
  • Cellular coverage plans starting at $2/week 
  • Vacation time and accrued Paid Time Off 
  • Holiday Pay and more 

Be the Solution-Apply Today! 

BOS Security’s remote guarding jobs are the perfect opportunity for those seeking customer service jobs that make a real difference in our communities. As a Command Center Agent or Supervisor, you will protect client properties and patrons, reduce violence, and take appropriate action should an incident occur. Apply today on  our website to start making a difference! 

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