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Security Technology to Keep Your Eye On

Security Technology to Keep Your Eye On

Technology has advanced quickly in the security sector in recent years, enabling security professionals to effectively perform their jobs. While technology can never replace the human factor, it does augment the abilities of in-person guards. Video analytics software can aid in facial recognition; drones provide a birds-eye overview, impossible to achieve for on-site security officers. Mobile monitoring gives security personnel better tools to cover the property, assess threats, and take appropriate action.

Here are a few growing security technologies to watch in 2021 and beyond:

Increasing shift to virtual guarding

On-site guards will always be an essential part of any security plan. Still, as video technology improves, and working from home continues to be a part of our reality, employers and business owners increasingly turn to remote security monitoring. Combining this technology with human guards, security companies can offer clients more comprehensive solutions. Remote guarding combines live video monitoring with guard patrols to increase security effectiveness.


Video analytics continues to evolve

Video analytics software is evolving. It can recognize faces more precisely, which is growing in importance in an era when so many are wearing masks, further limiting the data available to work with. It can also be used for motion detection, license plate identification, and revealing population density in a building, which is increasingly important with restrictions placed on how many people should be in a space to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


5G connectivity increasingly available

Remote security is a growing reality in the security sector. But your security is only as good as your network. 5G can ensure quicker delivery with less lag and buffering. Because 5G can transmit data as much as three times faster than 4G, it provides security professionals with better tools to do their jobs no matter where their facility is located or how remote the area they are guarding.


Cloud technology solutions are in demand

Cloud technology allows companies to scale their security solutions efficiently and cost-effectively. It makes it simpler to leverage other growing technologies while remaining confident that their data is safely offsite and protected.


Artificial intelligence is still evolving

The use of AI in security is on the rise. Combined with machine learning, artificial intelligence has the power to augment in-person and remote security with targeted monitoring and video analytics to identify false alarms or detect people who are out of place or behaving suspiciously.


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