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BOS Security Introduces New Approach to Hiring

Is Security a Good Job for Retirees?

Finding the right talent or security job opportunity often comes down to fit. Does the job offer the pay, development opportunities, company culture, and benefits you want? Does the candidate have the skills, experience, job ethic, and cultural add you need for your team? What if there were a way to predict whether a job or individual fits the bill? 

There is now! 

Thanks to extensive research in Industrial Organizational Psychology and human behavior, BOS Security is pleased to introduce a new approach to hiring: using integrity and dependability assessments.  

These cutting-edge pre-employment tools provide surprisingly accurate information about human behavior. We can quickly identify the most reliable talent to join the BOS family, and job candidates can decide if we’re a good fit for them based on the questions. The assessments have also been shown to reduce hiring bias and improve workforce performance. 

Using categories such as workers’ compensation fraud, drug use, theft, dependability, and violence, BOS Security can identify the candidates that are more likely to have a positive impact on the team. We’ve discovered up to 11% of candidates self-screen themselves from roles using the new assessments, allowing us to find more reliable talent. Due to the use of these valuable pre-employment tools, we are now better protected from: 

  • Theft 
  • Time-clock fraud 
  • Tardiness issues 
  • False workers’ comp claims 
  • And other unethical employee behavior 

Answering incorrectly on even one of the integrity questions disqualifies a job seeker from employment with BOS Security. Sound harsh? Not at all. Integrity assessments are beneficial for candidates, too. Job seekers who wish to work in an ethical company culture that values and rewards strong work performance now know where to apply. 

What We Do Matters!

BOS Security is a trusted security solution for facilities across Georgia and is a great job fit for those looking to champion their community! Integrity is at the heart of our company values, and you’ll never see us break from that. For peace of mind in your security plan, or to start your job search with us, please contact the BOS Security team today. 


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