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Protection Through Remote Guarding: Parking Services

Parking lots can be difficult to fully monitor. Often covering a large area, parking lots have people and vehicles coming and going at all hours, making it nearly impossible for a human guard to monitor sufficiently. With BOS Security’s virtual guarding serviceVirtuGuard™, remote security officers will monitor your cameras from our location 24/7/365.  

While monitoring your network-enabled security cameras, our monitoring agents will complete scheduled virtual patrols of your property. Our virtual guards can work with on-site security officers, alerting them to disturbances, intrusions, fires, or other concerning activities. Continue reading to learn more about how to improve your parking lot security with VirtuGuard™ from BOS Security.

Interactive Remote Guarding for Parking Services

BOS Security’s virtual guards take an active role in your parking lot surveillance. They complete scheduled virtual patrols of your property, observing for suspicious or criminal behaviors. If your company utilizes on-site security officers, our virtual guards can alert them to areas of concern that they might have otherwise missed on their scheduled patrols. Additionally, BOS Security virtual officers can work directly with local law enforcement to alert them of criminal behavior or emergency situations. Rather than simply observing and reporting, our virtual monitors take an active role in deterring suspicious or criminal activity on your property. 

Audio Deterrents

A key feature of VirtuGuard™ is the audio deterrent option. Our virtual guards can issue audio commands and warnings to intruders through audio speakers at your location. They can deliver polite warnings to exit the property or issue authoritative warnings that law enforcement has been called and is on the way. This can be an effective method of preventing or stopping crime or vandalism through active remote guarding. 

Access Control Solutions for Parking Services

Does your parking lot or deck utilize an access control system to limit who has access to your property? VirtuGuard™ offers electronic access control systems to restrict and allow access to your parking lot. Our virtual guards can monitor who is attempting to enter and can decide whether to allow entry through gate access control. Our virtual guards can aid your on-site guards during the day and take over their responsibilities during the night. BOS Security can also accommodate 24-hour gate access control from our Command Center. 

Keep Parking Lot Patrons Safe and Happy

Whether you have employees or patrons navigating your parking lot after hours, our customer service monitoring agents can conduct security escorts, ensuring that a person makes it from one destination to another safely. 

With vehicle theft rising and more car parts being stolen, VirtuGuard™ virtual monitoring can detect attempted theft, alerting our virtual guards immediately. Our agents can take snapshot video recordings which may be used by law enforcement to identify suspicious individuals or vehicles. 

The safety and protection of your parking lot or deck and their patrons is of the utmost importance. With VirtuGuard™ from BOS Security, you can be confident in the safety and security of your property 24/7/365. 


Meet or Enhance Your Parking Service Security Needs with VirtuGuard™ 

BOS Security’s team of experts can work with your business to develop a customized security plan or implement virtual guarding into your existing plan. Find out if VirtuGuard™ is right for your property today by requesting a no obligation security assessment today or speaking with our industry experts to learn more about how BOS Security can serve and protect your business.  


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