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What I Do Matters: Tanya Falcon

 Hear Officer Tanya Falcon talk about the importance of her work as a BOS Security Officer.

Tanya Falcon is a nurturer at heart, offering protection and support as an on-site security officer at the Presbyterian Village Senior Living Community in Athens, Georgia. Officer Falcon is very fond of the residents, taking the time to get to know them personally, offering a listening ear, or just putting together a puzzle with them in the common rooms. Over the eight months Officer Falcon has been assigned to the community, she has found a personal purpose in her job and the support she has to offer.

Not only is Tanya tasked with conducting patrols of the property, but she is also responsible for responding to medical emergencies that happen in the community. Some of the residents wear pendants that alert the staff of a fall or medical emergency. When first being assigned to this location, the residents were unsure of Officer Falcon and how she would handle an emergency.  

She says they would ask her, “Oh, you’re a girl, are you sure you can do this?” Her response was, “Well, no, I wasn’t sure if I could do it and most of the time, I can’t pick them up. But I can be there emotionally and support them until they do get the medical attention they need. Somehow, I just kind of worked my way in, where now people will come to be about all kinds of different issues, their own concerns and issues about what’s happening in their environment.” 

Tanya Falcon views her assignment at the Presbyterian Village as more than just a career; it’s something she has a natural aptitude for. After having to respond to medical emergencies and losing residents she quickly became fond of, Officer Falcon is deeply connected to the residents she protects.  

What I Do Matters Because…

“I’ve always been a nurturer, so what I do matters because I know I’m helping people. It just feels good to connect, hear their stories, and give them some positives. Not everyone has family who keeps coming. Not everyone is willing to sit down with them and put a puzzle together. What I do matters is connecting with people, not just as a career but on a personal level.” 

The Most Rewarding Part of My Job Is…

“Connecting with the people and making friends. I do feel protective, and the uniform gives me that ability to where if they’re not feeling safe, I can do something about it.”

What Are You Most Proud of at Work?

“It would have to be my ability to respond to their emergencies. It’s like I have a natural aptitude for it and I’m just proud that I have that ability.” 

BOS Security is proud to employ security officers like Tanya Falcon who go above and beyond for our clients. Officer Falcon and other BOS Security officers are tasked with protecting some of the most vulnerable at the Presbyterian Village and do not only protect the property but also offer comfort and support to the residents. 

When speaking of her job, Officer Tanya Falcon stated, “I feel like I was made for this type of position. It’s not only security but its safety and connection. I think I need it as much as they do.” Our Officers are what makes the BOS Difference. 


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