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VirtuGuard™ Interactive Remote Guarding Catches Trespassers on Construction Site

Watch the recorded video footage of the trespassing event at the construction site protected by VirtuGuard™.

Early on the morning of Friday, September 9, VirtuGuard™ Command Center Monitoring Agent Rodney Cornelius was alerted to suspicious activity picked up on security cameras at a construction site. The construction site, near downtown Athens and the University of Georgia campus, is equipped with security cameras that are monitored at the BOS Security VirtuGuard™ Command Center. 

Prevent or Stop Crime with VirtuGuard™ Video Surveillance

VirtuGuard™ uses Artificial Intelligence technology to monitor cameras in conjunction with our Monitoring Agents stationed at our Command Center in Athens. In this event, the AI detected suspicious activity that met standards set by our security industry experts. Once something is detected by AI, the virtual monitor receives an alert directing them to specific areas of interest to further investigate and assess. 

Officer Cornelius was alerted to two young men entering the construction site and approaching the equipment. He assessed the situation, noting that the trespassers did not leave. This prompted Officer Cornelius to alert a BOS Security guard in the area to respond to the site to deter or stop any criminal activity. At around 2:30 am, Officer Kirkham arrived at the construction site to check for the two trespassers. 

As he entered the property, Officer Kirkham heard voices coming from the area of the crane, looking up to see the two males climbing down from the top of the crane. He then identified himself as a Security Officer and instructed the trespassers to climb down from the crane. However, Officer Kirkham was on the opposite side of the property. While walking around to where the boys were, he saw them exit the fence at the back of the property. The trespassers crossed the street and hid behind a porta potty. 

Soon after, the University of Georgia police arrived, and Officer Kirkham directed them to where the boys had gone. As the police officers approached them, the boys began to run. The officer chased them on foot, eventually catching one at a business near the initial site of the incident. Unfortunately, the other trespasser was not apprehended. 

The first trespasser was charged with Obstruction of a Law Enforcement Officer and underage possession of alcohol. Additionally, after the male was arrested, an Athens-Clarke County police unit came to the location where Officer Kirkham had remained and barred the subject from the property for two years. 

Contact BOS Security to Enhance or Customize Your Virtual Security Plan 

In conjunction with on-site human guards, VirtuGuard™ interactive virtual monitoring from BOS Security can detect, prevent, and even stop suspicious or criminal activity. Developed alongside industry experts, VirtuGuard™ works by connecting to a business’s security cameras or placing a mobile surveillance trailer on the property. Additional technology can be added based on each client’s custom security needs, including audio deterrents, facial recognition, virtual concierge services, license plate readers, and more. With the help of virtual and human guards, VirtuGuard™ was able to stop trespassing and prevent further crime or dangerous activity, like climbing on construction equipment. 

To learn more about how VirtuGuard™ can meet or enhance your company’s security needs, visit or use the contact form below to request a no-obligation security assessment today. 


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