How to Recession-Proof Your Security Plan

How to Recession-Proof Your Security Plan

When budgets are tight, the first action most companies and individuals take is to look for places to cut expenses. Putting your security plan on the chopping block can be a mistake in both the short- and long-term. Especially because during a recession or economic downturn, your property can be at even higher risk. It’s possible to see an increase in robberies, intruders, cybersecurity breaches, and even scammers using social engineering to gain access to your building or data. Protecting your people and property is essential to recession-proofing your business.


Up-To-Date Security Is More Cost-Effective

Failure to update your security technology and resources seldom saves money. Technology is constantly advancing – usually becoming more cost-effective. Check that your equipment is the most efficient. Motion-activated cameras and lighting can prevent wasted energy and reduce the cost of utilities. If you haven’t evaluated your security plan recently, you may be surprised at what you can save. Speak to your insurance provider as well. They may have suggestions that can net you premium discounts, better coverage, or other perks.


Explore Your Security Options

When economic insecurity arises, it’s time to investigate cost-saving security tactics, such as remote security monitoring services. Augment or replace on-site security officers with remote-monitored video cameras. Remote security guards can often cover a much larger area at a lower cost. Part-time security officers are another consideration if your most significant risks come at predictable peak times rather than 24/7. Never forget that cutting corners on security can cost you more in the long run.


Tighten Internal Security

As tough as it is to hear, current and former employees can be one of your greatest security risks. Be sure former employees do not have access to your building, equipment, or network. Just one disgruntled employee can do considerable damage. Evaluate your internal plan to ensure your staff has access to the locations, resources, and equipment needed to perform their job duties but no more.


Schedule A Security Needs Assessment With BOS Security

Prepare for economic challenges with a thorough Security Needs Assessment from the security experts at BOS Security. We have been protecting Georgia for nearly 30 years and continue to expand our reach and range of services. Our intelligent approach to security is designed to optimize security without maximizing your costs. You’ll have access to all of our security options configured in a plan designed for your unique needs, including armed and unarmed security officers, VirtuGuard™ remote guarding services, and self-contained surveillance trailers. Contact BOS Security or call 404-793-6965 to schedule your security assessment.


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