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Why Security is a Great Job Opportunity for Military Spouses

Why Security is a Great Job Opportunity for Military Spouses

As a military spouse, you may have a high-security clearance because of your proximity to sensitive information. You adapt quickly, take on a great deal of responsibility, and have gained experience and many essential skills that can give you a leg up on other candidates seeking security officer jobs. You understand the importance of discretion and being vigilant regarding the safety and security of your spouse, loved ones, neighbors, and yourself. These are just a few reasons military spouses are excellent candidates for jobs in security.

Why Consider Jobs in Security as a Military Spouse?

When you move to a new location, you may not know the best places to work or who’s hiring. You may be pleased to learn that security jobs are available almost anywhere your spouse may be assigned. The skills required to work in security might not be what you think – attention to detail, customer service skills, ability to perform under pressure – chances are you’ve picked up many of these skills over the years. Why not use them in a job as a security officer?

What Security Jobs Should Military Spouses Pursue?

With your exposure to the military and ability to continually learn and adapt, security offices may give you just the challenge and adventure you need. Need a job where your spouse is stationed or flexible employment while they are deployed? Is your spouse retiring, and you’re ready to launch a new career? Take the time to explore what BOS Security has to offer by searching our current security job opportunities.

Not Sure What It’s Like To Be A Security Guard?

Read what some of our officers have to say about working for BOS Security in What I Do Matters. Then, review our qualifications for security jobs and apply. Choose from full-time or part-time security guard jobs. If it’s the flexibility you’re after, overnight, weekend, and seasonal security jobs are often available.

There Is More Than One Way To Be A Security Officer

We post openings for armed and unarmed security guards and TSA airport screeners. Did you know working as a remote guard in a virtual command center is also an option? You can protect people and property with your powers of observation and technical abilities without the worry of putting yourself in harm’s way or braving the elements. Choose the security career that suits your interests, experience, and lifestyle.

Why BOS for Security Jobs?

When you join the BOS Security team, you’ll earn competitive pay and benefits as a temporary, part-time, or full-time employee, including:

  • Healthcare coverage options
  • Life insurance plans
  • Option to enroll in retirement plans
  • Vacation time and accrued Paid Time Off
  • Holiday Pay and more

Review our full range of benefits for security officers.

Join the BOS Security Team

BOS Security has a training program that’s the envy of the industry. So, even if you have to pull up the stakes and move to your spouse’s next billet in a year or two, you’ve laid the groundwork for a rewarding career. Why put your career on hold until your spouse retires when you can build portable skills in high demand in virtually any market? Let’s get started! Search security jobs and apply today!


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