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Career Paths for Security Officers

Career Paths for Security Officers

If you are currently a security officer or considering becoming one, you may wonder what career options are available to you. You probably know there are many kinds of security officer jobs you can work, such as armed guardunarmed guard, remote security monitoringTSA officer and even cyber security. These positions are a jumping-off point for a wide range of careers.

Advanced Security Jobs

As you gain experience and training, you can qualify for increasingly responsible and even prestigious security jobs. For example, if you are an unarmed guard, you might set your sights on training and qualifying to become an armed guard. With a strong record of success as a security guard, you can shift to higher-paying sectors. For example, NASA is one of the highest paying companies for security officers.

Working your way up the ladder to director of security in large corporations, financial institutions or even casinos can get your salary up into the six figures over time. You may need more schooling to maximize your income potential.

While sometimes people in law enforcement move into security jobs, just as often security officers decide to use the skills they gained in security to land law enforcement jobs. There are a few reasons someone would follow this job trajectory. While there are many differences between being a security officer and being a police officer, you can give security jobs a try to see if it’s right for you in a way you can’t with law enforcement positions. Another reason is that the hiring process for law enforcement can be long and complicated.

Security officer jobs are a great way to work in a related field while waiting to test, qualify and get hired in law enforcement. Examples of law enforcement jobs or related positions include police, border patrol and corrections, not to mention the highly selective government agency jobs that can be a very long road to land, such as FBI, CIA, DHS or ICE.

Cyber Security Jobs

If you have been keeping up with the security industry, you have no doubt seen the exponential growth in demand for cyber security specialists. If you have exceptional computer skills and are willing to put in the time to learn and get the required certifications, the career potential is virtually endless. The insight you have gained in your time as a security officer will make you an asset to any company and give you a competitive edge over other candidates.

Private Security Jobs

Exceptional security guards may enjoy working in private security – what you may also know as a bodyguard. People with a great deal of power, wealth or influence or those at high risk may employ private security and they are usually willing to pay a premium. You’ll need to be vigilant, focused and discreet to excel in these jobs.

Don’t worry if you don’t fit the mold of a 6’2” man with an imposing physique. While some people do want a visible and intimidating presence from their security staff, others may not. For example, a security client looking to protect a child from potential kidnappers might prefer a woman in jeans and a hoodie who looks more like a nanny than a bouncer to guard their children. It prevents unwanted attention and it’s less intimidating to the child and those who interact with them.

Become a BOS Security Officer

Don’t underestimate the importance of working for a security company with a strong training program. It’s a great way to get yourself off to a good start if you are just starting out or to improve your skills or gain new ones if you are a seasoned security guard. View our current security job openings and apply today!



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