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BOS Security Celebrates National Security Officer Appreciation Week

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The week of September 19-23, BOS Security celebrated National Security Officer Appreciation Week. Security officers are tasked with handling public safety threats and emergencies whether their assignment is residential, commercial, or federal. As the first line of defense for the residents, employees, and patrons they serve, security officers deserve recognition for the peace of mind and protection they provide. 

To recognize the week and show appreciation for our employees, BOS Security presented our security officers across four states with letters of appreciation and years of service pins to wear on their uniforms. Keep reading to see photos of BOS Security Officers from different locations around the United States.

Athens, GA Security Officers

BOS Security President Nat Carmack delivered tokens of appreciation to different sites around Athens. He visited a federal site to meet with Officers Lee O’Dillon and Enmon Goad. Mr. Carmack also visited a commercial site to meet with Inez Brightwell who has been a security officer with BOS Security for 14 years. 

Tupelo Regional Airport Transportation Security Officers

Program Manager at Tupelo Regional Airport, Ervonia Stasko, presented her team of Transportation Security Officers with their appreciation tokens. Pictured are Mario O’Neal, Janet McBrayer, Ervonia Stasko, Joseph Carpenter, Heather White, Casey Swindle, and Davian Lee. Officers O’Neal, Stasko, McBrayer, White, and Swindle have all been with BOS Security for 5 years, or since BOS Security took over the TSA contract. Not pictured is Officer Jeremiah Dent.

Roswell Air Center Transportation Security Officers

Program Manager Justin Dunbarr presented his team of Transportation Security Officers with letters of appreciation and years of service pins to recognize National Security Officer Appreciation Week.

RCCTO Access Control Officers

At the Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office (RCCTO) headquartered at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, Site Supervisor Carl Howard presented the access control Officers with tokens of appreciation.

BOS Security is dedicated to recognizing and rewarding hard work and dedication to the security industry. Whether our officers have been with us for 14 days or 14 years, we appreciate their service and representation of our mission to provide integrity, dependability, and security to our clients.



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