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Can Remote Guarding Prevent Workplace Violence?

Can Remote Guarding Prevent Workplace Violence?

No one wants their employees to feel unsafe at work, but even the most diligent employers and managers can’t be everywhere and see everything. And those prone to violence can often be savvy enough to conceal the warning signs from managers and security. Security cameras can be everywhere you are not. Visible cameras will warn perpetrators they are being watched, and their behavior will not be tolerated. Concealed cameras can catch behaviors you want to track and provides proof in case the perpetrator denies their actions.

Make People Feel Safer

Remote guarding systems can help your employees, visitors, or customers feel safer from the worry of workplace violence. It’s an unfortunate reality that many employees don’t feel safe at work. Living with this fear can severely impact productivity and morale. The addition of remotely monitored cameras can alert you to the early warning signs of workplace violence.

Share Your Security Commitment

A commitment to maintaining a safe working environment can be part of your brand. Talk about your remotely-monitored security system on your website and add it to your social media. It can improve retention, make your company a destination employer, and deter potential assailants away from your property.

Prevention, Not Response

No matter how rapid or thorough your response to an incident of workplace violence, preventing it from occurring in the first place will always be better. Remote monitored video cameras can be equipped with facial recognition software, so your security staff can be alerted when someone who has been previously identified as a stalker, for example, enters your property. They can be removed promptly without employees even knowing they were potentially at risk.

Alert Law Enforcement

VirtuGuard™ remote security guards can contact law enforcement when they notice escalating behavior or someone entering the property who doesn’t belong there. They can aid the police in capturing the individual by updating them on their location and providing a physical description of suspects or vehicles.

Protect Against Workplace Violence With VirtuGuard™

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