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Is Security a Good Job for Retirees?

Is Security a Good Job for Retirees?

Are you a retiree who’s not ready to step out of the workforce entirely? Are you looking for a flexible career that will keep you mentally engaged and physically fit? Jobs in security might be the right fit for you. There are many options to choose from depending on your background or interests. You can be an on-site guard checking IDs at a front desk or walking a patrol. Maybe you are more interested in joining the TSA as an airport screener or working as a remote guard in a virtual command center.

What Kind of Skills Do You Need to Be a Security Officer?

You might be surprised. It may not be what you think. The best guards are patient and calm, with a good eye for detail. Noticing things that are unusual or out of place is an essential skill. People skills are always important. A friendly demeanor can defuse a highly charged situation and help people feel comfortable. If you can remain calm in an emergency, you’ll be an asset to any security team.

What are the Duties of a Security Officer?

As a security officer, you can be assigned to a variety of different kinds of locations. Commercial properties, residential locations like apartments, condos or gated communities, retail establishments – anywhere there are people or property to be protected – there is a place for a security guard.

Responsibilities of a Security Officer Include:

  • Preventing vandalism, theft, and unauthorized entry.
  • Controlling access to the property.
  • Securing doors, windows, gates, etc.
  • Helping to evacuate buildings in emergencies.
  • Contacting or cooperating with law enforcement.

Why Work as a BOS Security Guard?

As a retiree, you put in your time in the workforce. If you’re going to pick up a retirement job, shouldn’t it be one where you are respected and can make a difference? Our security officers love their jobs. They share why in their What I Do Matters posts. BOS security guards are eligible for good pay and benefits. Take a look at our qualifications for security officers and apply. You can choose from full-time or part-time security guard jobs. Work overnights, weekends, or seasonal security jobs.

Join the BOS Security Team!

BOS Security is a great place to find a retirement career as a security officer. We can give you all the training and supportyou need. Search security jobs and apply today!


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