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BOS Security Officer Awarded for Lifesaving Efforts

This past August, BOS Security Officer David George was completing his regular responsibilities at the Athens-Clarke County Multi-Modal Transit Center when a transit operator lost consciousness and wrecked his bus in the loading bay. Officer George responded to the area immediately, assessing the situation and administering CPR to the man. As they were waiting for paramedics to arrive, Officer George had to use the Transit Center’s AED machine to restart the man’s heart, as he had stopped breathing. Paramedics eventually arrived and transported the man to the nearest hospital, where doctors ruled that he had suffered a heart attack. Nurses told the operator’s supervisor that whoever administered CPR and operated the AED machine had saved the man’s life

On December 12, 2022, Officer David George was recognized with an award by the Athens Transit Center for the action he took on August 30. 

Recognizing BOS Security Hero 

Officer David George was reunited with the transit operator at an awards reception on December 12. The ceremony was held to honor two ACC transit operators who were retiring, one of which was the man that Officer George saved in August, Richard. 

After the two retirees were recognized and presented with awards for their years of service, Officer George was presented with an award from Athens-Clarke County Transit. Watch the video below of the presentation: 

The award reads “With our greatest appreciation, we hereby present David George, for your knowledge, your guidance, and your leadership that helped save an Athens-Clarke County transit operator’s life. You are being honored with appreciation and gratitude.”  

When asked to give a few words, Officer George said “I really appreciate it. It’s one of those things where it just happened. Bang, bang. And you just kind of do what you’re trained and what you’ve been told in the past… I was just fortunate enough and glad to have been able to help.”  

The humble, soft-spoken officer represents the image of a great security guard and active member of the Athens-Clarke County community. His selflessness and dedication to his work and keeping people safe, whether that be overseeing the transit loading area or saving a man’s life, is worthy of recognition and celebration.  

BOS Security is proud to be represented by Officer David George and we thank him for his commitment, knowledge, and leadership. 


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