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A Year in Review: BOS Security’s Most Popular Blogs of 2022

A Year in Review: BOS Security's Most Popular Blogs of 2022

As we looked back on the past year of offering advice on keeping your people and property safe, we noticed five blog posts that stood out as the most popular. The results were not surprising because our clients are very open with us about what’s most important to them. It’s a great reminder of the kind of information and protection we can provide to help people sleep better at night.

Security Guard Duties – Controlling Access and Egress (Part 1)

This blog covers why controlling access and egress to your property is essential, how you can take control, and where you need the most protection. Readers learn the importance of knowing who enters your building and how to refuse entry if they don’t belong. We even talk about respecting cultural differences, how to respond to alarms and when remote monitoring may be your best security option.

Be sure to check out the other three parts of this series on physical security for Atlanta companies. These blogs discuss property controlvehicle control, and lock & key control. The series was originally posted nearly ten years ago, but these topics are still relevant to property owners and managers.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Security Guards?

It’s no shock that this blog is a go-to for security-conscious businesses. Anyone who owns or manages property understands the importance of keeping people and property safe, but budgetary constraints are a genuine concern. Researching a realistic amount to expect to spend on security and the factors that go into the cost of a security guard can help you make an informed decision. Considerations to keep in mind include armed vs. unarmed officers, the experience and training they bring, and the nature of the property the guard is assigned to protect. We also discuss the advantages of adding remote security guard services to your security strategy.

Is Video Surveillance an Invasion of Privacy?

Remote monitored security services sound like the perfect solution for many properties. It’s cost-effective, can be placed nearly anywhere, and can replace or augment onsite security officers. But owners and managers may have concerns about video surveillance because of potential liability and respect for the privacy of their employees, residents, visitors, and vendors. This popular blog discusses the pros and cons of video surveillance and what our remote security monitoring service, VirtuGuard™ can do for you.

The Safest Neighborhoods in Atlanta

People considering moving their business or residence to Atlanta want to know which neighborhoods are safest. For business owners, choosing a safe location isn’t just about a concern for their personal safety. Setting up shop in a high-crime area can drive up your insurance costs, make it harder to hire, and scare away potential customers. If you’d like to know which neighborhood is best for you, check out this blog, updated in 2022.

Do Security Guards Make Good Money in Atlanta?

Individuals who choose to become security officers come from all walks of life, which makes sense because security assignments vary widely. In some cases, it can be an intense, high-risk job. In others, the most important qualifications are customer service skills, attentiveness, and attention to detail. This blog attracted people looking for security jobs and companies planning to hire or contract them.

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