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BOS Security Celebrates Thirty Years of Service and Success

BOS Security has provided security services to Georgia and the U.S. from our Athens and Duluth, GA, locations since 1993. We are proud to have given our clients peace of mind for 30 years! Our success is driven by our core leadership team and the great people in the field dedicated to protecting our clients’ people and property with the highest level of security services.

Cutting -Edge Security Services

For the last 30 years, we have provided a range of security services, including on-site security officers and remote monitoring for security cameras. Our 2023 plans include increasing our presence in virtual guarding. We have opened a command center to monitor client cameras 24/7. This virtual service can work alone or in combination with an on-site guard. BOS virtual officers can guide the on-site officer to the areas most in need of a human response.

Our Newest Addition – Surveillance Trailers

We’re excited about our recent investment in mobile, solar-powered surveillance trailers that we can deploy anywhere with cellular coverage. They can provide virtual guarding services in the most remote locations. With cameras and audio speakers, virtual officers in the command center can address issues on the client’s property, from exchanging friendly messages with customers, instructing suspicious characters to leave, or remaining silent and guiding a law enforcement response onto the property.

Our Past and Our Future

BOS Security leadership is proud of our progress and innovation over the years. While our service is grounded in tried-and-true security best practices, we are always eager to adopt the latest technologies that will enable us to serve our clients better. “Thirty years have brought changes in the technology and training of personnel we could never have imagined in those early years,” said Nathan Carmack SRr., Chairman of the Board of Directors. “Today, security services and personnel are challenged to meet diverse threats and opportunities of service.”

What’s Next for BOS Security?

With the expanding use of Artificial Intelligence, the role of “night watch” has evolved into a technically skilled position requiring analytically advanced professionals. The next thirty 30 years are sure to bring even more advancement to the security profession.

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