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BOS Security Officer Assists in Medical Emergency

The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Security

Security Officer responsibilities can include patrolling property, providing property access to authorized individuals, monitoring surveillance equipment, enforcing site policies and local laws, and much more. A security officer is tasked with deterring criminal behavior, reporting irregularities, and observing for suspicious activity, but they are also expected to respond to any and all emergencies that might occur on a client’s property to maintain the safety of customers, patrons, and personnel.  

BOS Security provides physical guard services for a variety of commercial locations, including an outdoor shopping center in Athens, Georgia. A typical shift for this location consists of preventing people from loitering and panhandling, patrolling premises regularly, and observing for criminal or suspicious behavior.  

However, on the evening of March 22, BOS Security Officer Antorian Lattimore had to act quickly and calmly when a patron of the shopping center collapsed while behind the wheel.  

Emergency Response for Security Officers  

In a report completed after the incident was resolved, Officer Lattimore reported that a man was driving towards the exit of the shopping center’s parking lot and attempted to make a left turn out of the parking lot when the driver collapsed while operating his vehicle. Immediately after observing the car stop, the Officer rushed to the scene to assess the situation.  

A white car is blocking the parking lot entry and exit of a shopping center.

He found that the man was unconscious and tried different methods to wake the man, with no success. Officer Lattimore checked the man for a pulse and was able to find it. However, the man began foaming at the mouth and was not responsive.  

Officer Lattimore called the local police and requested them to send paramedics. He also positioned the man’s body into an upright position, as he was leaned over in the car seat after losing consciousness and continued to monitor his breathing and try and wake the man by calling out his name.  

The police and paramedics arrived at the scene quickly. Officer Lattimore explained the incident to the authorities so that they could treat the man as needed. A crowd was beginning to gather as authorities arrived and traffic began to back up at the exit of the parking lot. The Officer continued to assist in the event, asking the bystanders to back up and give the paramedics and police room to do their jobs accordingly and properly.  

The man was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment and police removed his vehicle from the busy area to clear the vehicle access points of the shopping center.  

Emergency Preparedness at BOS Security  

Officer Antorian Lattimore stands in front of a BOS Security patrol vehicle.

Officer Antorian Lattimore’s sharp eye and close observation led him to act quickly, effectively, and efficiently to resolve the medical emergency he observed at his post. Throughout the event, he remained calm, followed emergency preparedness procedures, and exhibited excellent communication skills to quickly get paramedics to the scene to administer care.  

Had no one noticed the man’s medical emergency, the vehicle could have rolled into oncoming traffic or could have caused a collision in the parking lot. Additionally, had the man not received immediate medical attention his health could have been further compromised.  

Security officers are responsible for more than just conducting foot patrols or preventing loitering. They are often the first to respond to medical emergencies and their response can dictate the way an emergency is resolved. Remaining calm and following procedures during an emergency event is essential to incidents being resolved and maintaining the safety of a business.  

BOS Security provides in-depth training for each security officer, including lessons on emergency preparedness and response policies and procedures. Last year, another BOS Security Officer administered life-saving care to a transit employee who suffered from a heart attack. Handling emergency situations with discretion and an extra level of care and respect sets our Officers apart from our competitors.  

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