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Two Arrests Made After VirtuGuard™ Catches Trespassing at Car Dealership

Two Arrests Made After VirtuGuard™ Catches Trespassing at Car Dealership

VirtuGuard™ interactive remote video monitoring is a proactive approach to security. From our remote Command Centers, Virtual Agents monitor your surveillance cameras, security systems, and other infrastructure in real-time, enabling them to respond quickly and effectively to incidents that occur on your property. VirtuGuard™ can be applied to a wide range of industries and properties and can be used in high-traffic areas or remote locations.  

Automotive dealerships are great candidates for live video monitoring. Often targeted for theft of high value items, like catalytic converters, car dealerships need security measures in place to protect their outdoor assets. As easily accessible properties, dealerships must mitigate trespassing to reduce the risk posed by unauthorized people entering the property after business hours. 

Below is an example of how VirtuGuard™ intervened in a trespassing event at an automotive dealership, which led to the arrest of two trespassers who were wanted on outstanding warrants. 

Two Arrested After Trespassing is Caught by VirtuGuard 

VirtuGuard™ Command Center Agents were conducting a proactive virtual patrol of the automotive dealership after business hours when they observed a man and a woman smoking an unknown substance near the gas pumps. Agents delivered two audio announcements, notifying the suspects that they were trespassing on private property and needed to leave the area or police would be called. The man and woman remained where they were, appearing to have no intention of leaving the property. 

VirtuGuard™ Agents immediately called local law enforcement to alert them of the trespassing event. Agents were able to provide the exact location of the trespassers, a physical description of both individuals, and details of the behavior they were exhibiting.  

Within minutes, the police arrived at the scene. They approached the man and woman and began to search them. Command Center Agents observed police officers handcuff both the man and woman, directing them to stand beside the police vehicle while they continued their search. 

While searching the suspects’ belongings, the police discovered more drugs and paraphernalia. More police units arrived at the scene. Additionally, a BOS Security Supervisor was called and requested at the scene in order to have the two trespassers barred from returning to the property. 

Soon after, VirtuGuard™ Agents observed the two suspects being placed into the back of police vehicles. The BOS Security Supervisor barred the two individuals from the site for two years and reported that they had been arrested on outstanding warrants and new charges. 

VirtuGuard Assists Local Law Enforcement 

VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring not only aims to prevent crimes from happening or intervene remotely to resolve an incident. VirtuGuard™ can assist both onsite security officers and local law enforcement to resolve incidents that may require a physical approach. 

With thirty years of experience in providing human guard services, BOS Security recognizes that the best approach to security is not always a single solution. VirtuGuard™ can assist onsite security officers, whether they are employees for BOS Security or another physical guard company.  

If a business does not have physical security officers or if an incident is too complex, Command Center Agents can dispatch local law enforcement and alert them of arising or in-progress incidents. When VirtuGuard™ conveys important information to police, law enforcement officers are able to respond more safely and effectively. In this example, Virtual Agents were able to provide the exact location, descriptions of the suspects, and details of the suspects’ behaviors. Conveying this information and reporting an incident in progress can also reduce response times, which in turn reduces the chances of an incident going unresolved. 


Interactive Remote video monitoring can mitigate risks to your business and intervene immediately if an incident does occur. Whether you are concerned with theft, property damage, trespassing, or other security concerns, VirtuGuard™ has your back. To learn more about our security solutions, visit our VirtuGuard™ website or complete the contact form below. 



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