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Trespasser Removed from Private Storage Area in Student Apartments

Trespasser Removed from Private Storage Area in Student Apartments

Trespassing in your residential community can be a threat to residents, physical property, and your business’s reputation. A proactive security solution from BOS Security, Inc. can stop trespassers and maintain a safe environment for both residents and staff.  

VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring is the process of virtually monitoring a property through surveillance cameras and other security infrastructure that is fed into our Security Operations Centers. Virtual Agents can then monitor a property through recorded video and live streams to be aware of the activity occurring.  

While VirtuGuard™ is an effective security solution on its own, when paired with onsite physical Security Officers it is even more efficient in preventing and resolving security concerns. 

The example below details a trespassing incident that occurred at a luxury student apartment complex near the University of Georgia. VirtuGuard™ resolved the incident with the assistance of an onsite BOS Security Officer. 

Trespasser Hides from Security Cameras in Apartment Parking Deck 

Watch the video footage of the event here.

During a proactive virtual patrol of a luxury student apartment complex, VirtuGuard™ observed an individual walking through the parking deck. The male, an individual with a dark complexion wearing a black t-shirt and dark gray pants, was acting suspicious by hiding from cameras and staggering as he walked. 

While the male was wondering around the parking deck, VirtuGuard™ notified a nearby BOS Security Supervisor of the suspicious behavior and requested that he come to the location. At this time, the male appeared to be hiding from the view of the surveillance cameras. 

VirtuGuard™ continued to monitor the male’s movements and behaviors. He began to pull on door handles leading to storage areas to check if they were locked. He then found a door to a maintenance storage room that was unlocked and entered the room, closing the door behind him. 

The BOS Security Supervisor arrived at the parking deck soon after, receiving updates from VirtuGuard™ about the location and behavior of the male while he was in route.  

Minutes later, the BOS Security Supervisor arrived on the property and contacted VirtuGuard™ to direct him to the man’s location. VirtuGuard™ stayed on the phone call and continued to observe the live video stream as the supervisor entered the maintenance storage area.  

The Supervisor asked the male to leave the property or provide proof of residency for the student apartment complex. The male argued that he was a resident but failed to provide any proof or explanation as to why he was inside the restricted area. 

After arguing with the BOS Security Supervisor for a bit, the male exited the storage area and began walking towards the exit of the parking garage. Both the BOS Security Supervisor and VirtuGuard™ continued to monitor the male’s movements until he was from the property. 

Repeated Trespassing at Luxury Student Apartments 

The popular student apartment complex has struggled repeatedly with non-residents entering the premises. The property management elected not to apply Artificial Intelligence to the security cameras on the property, which would be used to alert Virtual Agents to movement or activity in restricted areas after hours. Because of this, the site relies on proactive virtual patrols of the properties to observe and respond to security concerns. 

VirtuGuard™ Agents proactively noticed the unknown male in the parking deck around 3 o’clock in the morning, but if they were conducting the tour after the male entered the maintenance storage area, his presence could have gone unknown and created further safety concerns. 

Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool in the proactivity and quick response of remote video monitoring. 

Missed Opportunity: Two-Way Audio Speakers 

The luxury student apartment community also chose to bypass installing two-way audio speakers throughout the large complex. Two-way speakers can be used for a wide range of purposes, including greeting guests, making community-wide announcements to residents, and directly interacting with trespassers.  

Before calling onsite Security Officers or local law enforcement, speakers could have been an effective way of getting the trespasser off the premises without needing more intervention. 

Stop Trespassing with VirtuGuard™ Remote Video Monitoring

VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring is an effective and efficient solution to prevent security concerns and resolve them quickly. Trespassing in a student apartment complex raises concerns for current residents, their parents, staff, and prospective residents. Safety and security are convincing selling points of a residential community and trespassing can be a threat to both comfort and reputation. 

Learn more about the power of VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring by reviewing our webpage. To speak with a VirtuGuard™ representative, complete the contact form below. 


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