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Proactive Monitoring Catches Trespasser in Athens Apartment Complex

How Are Security Officers Trained To Handle Various Situations?

What Good Are Security Cameras If They Are Not Being Watched?   

Proactive security monitoring seeks to prevent crime from happening, or to stop a crime or disturbance in its tracks. While physical security guards are limited in their view of a property, interactive remote video monitoring provides virtual guards with greatly enhanced visibility of a location by connecting to electronic security systems, which consist of surveillance cameras, microphones, speakers, and other security infrastructure.  

VirtuGuard™ interactive remote video monitoring provides the feel of a physical security presence from our remote Command Centers. VirtuGuard™ is an effective security solution by itself, but when combined with onsite security officers or local law enforcement, you can trust that your business, assets, and people are safe and secure.  

Secure Student Apartments   

A luxury student apartment complex in Athens added 24/7 interactive remote video monitoring to their existing security plan. The site was already staffed with a Security Officer over nights, but the three-building complex was difficult to secure with one person patrolling the entire property. Proactive video monitoring allows virtual guards to direct physical guards or law enforcement officers to efficiently, effectively, and safely intervene in an event.  

Previously, VirtuGuard™ captured and reacted to resident lease violations, examples including pet violations, preventable damage, and inappropriate use of amenities. However, there was recently a trespassing event that was caught and stopped by VirtuGuard™.  

Remove Trespassers from Your Property  

VirtuGuard™ was completing a regularly scheduled proactive virtual guard tour of the complex around 4 o’clock in the morning when Agents observed a man enter an elevator. Agents concluded that he was confused and possibly homeless.   

VirtuGuard™ called the local police as well as the complex’s after-hours answering service and spoke to one of the off-duty residential police officers, also alerting him of the unfamiliar male who had exited the elevator onto the sixth floor. While the off-duty police officer was putting on his uniform and other local police were on the way, VirtuGuard™ Agents continued to monitor the man’s movement via security cameras.  

Agents stayed on the phone call with the residential police officer, keeping him updated on the trespasser’s location and behavior as he began his search. Another responding on-duty police officer arrived, and they made their way up to the sixth floor. VirtuGuard™ instructed them on where to go from there.   

Soon after, Agents observed the man begin walking in the direction of the officers and alerted them of his movements so they could be prepared as they approached. They approached the man and instructed him to place his bag and other belongings on the ground.   

Soon after, the police officers led the man onto the elevator and out of the building. The residential officer told VirtuGuard™ that the man was barred from the property for trespassing and that he would be arrested if he came back on the property.  

After the incident was resolved, VirtuGuard™ went back to review the footage to investigate how the male had entered the building. Agents noted that the door to the building elevators was either unlocked or malfunctioning, and that male had entered the building through them. They called the after-hours line to report the unsecured door and continued to monitor the area carefully to ensure there were no further intrusions until maintenance could inspect the door the next morning. 

Collaboration Gets Better Results  

Whether a site implements physical security guards, off-duty law enforcement officers, or relies solely on remote video monitoring, virtual guards work proactively to prevent incidents from occurring and to react to them quickly, effectively, and efficiently.  

In this event, VirtuGuard™ was able to engage the residential police courtesy officer to respond to the event quickly. Had there not been an officer onsite, Agents would have dispatched local police to respond to the event, giving them details of the man’s location and behavior.   

This collaboration allows the responders, whether it be a Security Officer or law enforcement, to be best prepared to approach a potentially volatile situation, allowing them to anticipate and deescalate an incident.   

Missed Opportunity: Audio Intervention  

VirtuGuard™ heavily recommends that every client install audio speakers to be used in combination with surveillance cameras and other security infrastructure. Through speakers, virtual guards can instantly and directly engage with people on a property.   

Audio awareness announcements can:  

  • Alert residents, employees, customers, and other personnel that they are being live monitored  
  • Announce hours of operation, deals or specials, and greet people entering a building  
  • Address trespassers, vandals, and other bad actors  
  • And so much more  

In this event, the apartment complex is not equipped with audio speakers. If the speakers had been installed throughout the property, virtual guards could have immediately engaged with the trespasser. Had the man entered the building with bad intentions, an audio announcement could have deterred any further action by alerting the man that he was being monitored and recorded and that he needed to leave the building because police would be arriving soon.  

Audio speakers are an integral part of proactive security monitoring. Combat the time delay in onsite security or law enforcement response.   

Turn a Crime into an Inconvenience   

The event of a homeless man entering a student apartment community poses a threat to both the comfort and safety of the young residents as well as the reputation of the property management group. Had the man gotten into an unlocked apartment or engaged in an altercation with residents or police, resident satisfaction would have plummeted.  

The failure of the physical barriers could’ve resulted in theft, vandalism, assault, or other harm. Access control measures are integral in keeping residents satisfied, feeling safe, and confident in renewing their lease. 

As one of the most highly sought-after student apartments near the college campus, word of an altercation or attack due to unsecured entries could taint the complex’s reputation, ward off potential residents, or even result in current residents breaking their lease, all causing a financial hit to both property managers and owners.  

Try VirtuGuard™ Today 

VirtuGuard™ proactive security video monitoring turns a potential crime into a simple inconvenience.  

Interested in learning more about VirtuGuard™ interactive video monitoring? Complete the contact form below or request a security assessment of your property today or visit the VirtuGuard™ webpage and VirtuGuard™ interactive video monitoring blog for more information and resources.  


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