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How are Jobs in Security Recession-Proof?

How are jobs in security recession-proof?

How are Jobs in Security Recession-Proof?

The past few years have been fraught with economic insecurity. Financial experts cite factors indicating we may be heading into a recession in the U.S. or even globally. If you need a steady income (and most of us do!), it might be time to shift your current career to a more recession-proof one.  

What makes a job recession-proof? 

According to education and training resource, Emeritus, the types of jobs that continue to thrive in a recession include one of these indispensable features:  

  • Caters to a universal need.  
  • Provides essential services. 
  • Services a critical public necessity.  
  • Provides day-to-day services. 
  • Supports big sector businesses.  

Security officer jobs are available that meet any or all of these descriptions. The security sector is one of the fastest-growing industries, offering ample job opportunities to those seeking a challenging and rewarding career. 

Whether you are just starting in the workforce or looking for a change, a career as a security guard is a viable option. As a security guard company in Georgia, BOS Security will highlight five reasons to consider a career in security. 

Security Guard Recruitment: 5 Reasons to Consider a Career in Security

Security guard jobs in Georgia offer a unique blend of job stability, flexible schedules, and personal and professional growth opportunities. With the security sector expected to grow in the coming years, now is an excellent time to consider a job as a security guard and gain access to the many benefits this career offers. 

1) Security sector has ample job opportunities

According to the Council on Criminal Justice, property crimes increased in the first half of 2022 compared to the first six months of 2021. Increases were seen in nonresidential burglaries (+8%), larcenies (+20%), and motor vehicle thefts (+15%). This increase in crime rates in the last few years is likely to only get worse as poverty, unemployment and economic insecurity combine, potentially tipping people who had been on the fence into a criminal act.  

As a security guard, you not only protect the property you are assigned to security, but your presence may also be all it takes to give a potential criminal a few minutes to reconsider their actions. You could be responsible for preventing someone from potentially ruining their lives with one bad decision. 

The security sector is diverse, offering a wide range of job opportunities. Security officers can work in various settings, including retail stores, office buildings, schools, and residential communities. With the rising demand for security personnel, job opportunities are abundant and available in most areas. It’s a viable career option for military vets and retired law enforcement, but also for people with a background in customer service and other “people” professions. 

2) Career in security is indispensable

With rising crime rates in Atlanta and threats to personal and public safety, the demand for security professionals has never been higher. From protecting individuals and businesses to maintaining order at public events, security officers play a vital role in ensuring that people and property remain safe. That’s why careers in security are indispensable and will continue to grow in the coming years. 

Concerns regarding personal and public safety have created a strong demand for security professionals. This demand is expected to continue to grow as the need for security measures increases. 

Security professionals are essential to ensuring the safety of people and property. They are responsible for identifying potential threats and taking measures to prevent or mitigate them. If you have a passion for keeping others safe and are looking for a stable and rewarding career, consider a career in security. 

3) Security officer jobs are flexible

Security officer jobs come with a lot of flexibility. They can choose varying shifts and the type of place they want to work. Many security officer jobs are part-time or on-call, providing a flexible schedule for those with other obligations. This makes security jobs an excellent option for individuals who want to work around other commitments, such as school or family. Security officer positions are often available 24/7, offering various shifts and schedules to accommodate different work styles. 

Security officers are needed in various settings, including retail stores, office buildings, schools, hospitals, and more. You’ll find an environment that aligns with your interests, skills, and goals. If you have law enforcement experience, you may prefer to work in a high-security setting. In contrast, someone with a background in customer service may choose to work in retail store security. 

The flexibility offered by security officer jobs makes them an attractive option for individuals with varying needs and schedules. With the ability to choose shifts, work settings, and advance in the field, security officers can shape their careers to fit their individual goals and priorities. 

4) Security officers get access to crisis training

Security officers not only get on-the-job training, but they also learn essential life skills. Working as a security guard gives individuals comprehensive crisis training, providing them with the skills and knowledge to handle complex and potentially dangerous situations. From handling weapons to de-escalating conflicts, security officers are trained to respond appropriately to emergencies and keep those around them safe. This training can also transfer to other career paths, such as law enforcement or military service. 

The skills you learn as a security officer can help you respond in emergencies. If you are lucky, you will never encounter a fire, natural disaster, active shooter situation or health emergency where you must react by keeping people safe until law enforcement or medical personnel can respond. Security officers receive training in remaining calm, assessing a situation and choosing the appropriate response. When others are frightened or confused, security professionals direct people to evacuation routes, administer first aid or carry out security or emergency procedures.  

Crisis training includes knowing what details to include on a 911 call and even the best order in which to convey them. Thorough and accurate information helps the dispatcher know which services to deploy and what preparations may be required. Many people consider security officers to be first responders! 

5) Security officers gain transferable skills

Working in the security sector offers opportunities for you to enhance or build skills that can be valuable in other industries. Transferrable skills you gain while working in security jobs can include: 

Critical Thinking 

Security officers must constantly be alert and ready to assess and respond to potential threats, which requires strong critical thinking skills. 


As a security officer, you will need to think on your feet and devise creative solutions to problems as they arise. 

Attention To Detail 

Attention to detail is also essential. You must be vigilant in observing your surroundings and identifying any potential risks. 


Effective communication skills are essential for security officers as they must clearly convey information and instructions to the public and to their colleagues. 

These skills are in high demand in various industries. They can be applied to future career opportunities, making a job as a security guard an intelligent investment in one’s professional development. 

What are security officers like? 

If you ask people their impressions of security officers, they will probably describe either an action hero or Paul Blart, mall cop. The reality is neither extreme. Some security officers look like linebackers, but most are just regular people. They are service veterans and military spouses, video game enthusiasts, and retirees 

Some serve in high-risk settings that require firearms training; others work in airports or remote monitoring centers. No matter your skills or experience, if you are interested in this recession-proof field, security jobs in Georgia are worth exploring.  

Could you be a security officer?  

You might be surprised at the skills that make someone an excellent candidate for a security officer job in Georgia. Security jobs may be an excellent choice if you have worked or even enjoyed hobbies requiring patience and a good eye for detail. 

Are you known among friends and family as the one who remains calm in any emergency? Can you maintain a friendly demeanor while still inspiring respect? Read firsthand accounts of what it’s like to work as a security officer in What I Do Matters at BOS Security, a security company in Georgia. 

Connect with a Security Guard Company in Georgia to Pursue a Career in Security

At BOS Security, you’ll find a wide range of career paths in the security field. There are many career options in security to choose from depending on your background or interests. Do you want to contribute to keeping events safe? Protect restricted or hazardous areas from intrusion? You can be an on-site guard. Does working as an airport screener sound interesting? How about monitoring live video cameras in a virtual command center? 

Jobs in Security Include:  

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