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Is Security a Good Career?

Is Security a Good Career?

Security jobs may be on your radar if you are considering a career change, just entering the job market or retiring from the military. Good choice! Security is an excellent option for the right person. There are plenty of opportunities for people considering a career in security. You can be an unarmed security officer. With the correct training and experience, you can carry a firearm on the job. You can even be a TSA airport screener or work as a remote guard in a virtual command center.

What Does A Security Officer Do?

Security officers protect the property and people at their assigned location. As a security officer, your role is to prevent crimes such as vandalism, theft, and unauthorized entry. You will also need to respond to emergencies and interact with visitors.

Other responsibilities of security officers include:

  • Patrolling buildings and grounds on foot.
  • Controlling or dispersing any crowds.
  • Checking that doors, windows, and gates are secure.
  • Helping to evacuate buildings in emergencies.
  • Controlling access to the property.
  • Notifying, Engaging, or cooperating with law enforcement as needed.
  • Apprehending or ejecting suspicious persons.

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What Does It Take To Be A Security Officer?

You might be surprised what skills and qualities make someone a good candidate for a career in security. For example:

  • Strong attention to detail
  • Customer service/people skills
  • Ability to stay calm in an emergency

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What Is It Like To Be A Security Guard?

The best way to understand what it’s like to work as a security guard with BOS Security is by reading our What I Do Matters posts. Learn what our security professionals love about their jobs in their own words. Read our qualifications for security jobs and apply. Choose from full-time or part-time security guard jobs. If it’s the flexibility you’re after, overnight, weekend, and seasonal security jobs are often available.

Why Choose BOS for your Security Career?

When you join the BOS Security team, you’ll earn competitive pay and benefits as a temporary, part-time, or full-time employee, including:

  • Healthcare coverage options
  • Life insurance plans
  • Option to enroll in retirement plans
  • Vacation time and accrued Paid Time Off
  • Holiday Pay and more

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Join the BOS Security Team!

BOS Security is a great choice if you’re interested in exploring a career as a security officer. Our strong training programis designed to teach you what you need to know to be successful on the job.

Let’s get started! Search security jobs and apply today!


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