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Protection Through Remote Guarding: Christmas Tree Farms

Protection Through Remote Guarding: Christmas Tree Farms

Protecting a Christmas tree farm can be prohibitively expensive. These farms typically cover a large and expansive area – often in a remote location. It could take dozens of guards to protect such a large and valuable business adequately. For most people, that’s simply not feasible. Not to mention, depending on the size of the property, density, and height of the trees, line-of-sight observation could be nearly impossible.

Christmas Trees are Quick and Easy Money for Thieves

They can easily throw 5-10 trees into the bed of a pickup and cover it with a tarp (they don’t care about damage. If they can get $100 to $200 per tree when their cost is zero, that’s all money in their pocket. The five-to-ten years of time and effort you put into cultivating your trees can be wiped out by criminals in no time.

Your Solution? Remote Guarding

Remote guarding is an effective addition to your Christmas tree security plan. Christmas tree farms are home to a crop that can be worth many thousands of dollars to thieves. Cutting corners on security can be an expensive mistake. Remote video monitoring is a cost-effective method of replacing or augmenting on-site guards. Remote guards provide 24-hour surveillance monitoring, no matter what the weather. They can even monitor drone-mounted cameras if you use them.

Back up Your On-Site Officers

Contracting security officers to patrol your Christmas tree farm can be part of a comprehensive security plan. But unless your farm is very small, you will need many guards for adequate coverage. Thieves, especially those who are organized, will “case” your property before the theft. They will memorize where guards are stationed, when they take breaks, and their patrol routes and timing. They will act when they know the chance of getting cost is lowest. Remote guards can augment in-person coverage to ensure you are fully protected.

Control Security Costs

Remote guarding is a cost-effective method of protecting your Christmas tree farm. Compare the costs of remote security monitoring to the cost of hiring additional security officers when you are making decisions on protecting your property. Remote monitoring can also help recover costs by providing the evidence the insurance company needs, contacting the police, and providing recorded videos or screenshots.


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